Karunanidhi to remove glasses and impart a steel-body to his first-born a-la Gandhari


Tamil Nadu politics has closely resembled the Indian epic Mahabharata in its evolution and the alternate one-upmanship by the two warring parties. After one of the worst thrashings at the hands of the electorate, Karunanidhi seems to have borrowed his next move rather literally from the epic narrative.

The eyes that were hitherto hidden from the world, will now give Alagari a body of steel

The aging leader has reportedly asked his eldest son, Alagari, to take a dip in the Marina and appear before him stark naked so he could bless him with his goggle-less eyes and impart him a super-steel body to be able to survive Jaya. Just like in the great war of Mahabharata, when Gandhari, in a last roll of dice, took off the blindfold she had never removed since her marriage, in a bid to impart a super-strong steel body to Duryodhana in his birthday suit, hours before he was about to take on Bhima.

“He has just led his party to one of the worst electoral disasters of his career. His younger son, Stalin, has lost his seat. His adopted son, Raja, is in jail, and his daughter Kanimozhi is heading there sooner than later. The only one still alive and kicking is Duryodhana… er… I mean, Alagari. Kalaignar is only doing all he can to protect him” said a party insider.

Amma might not need a below-the-belt shot to finish off the rest of DMK

Political commentator Cho Ramaswamy sees this as nothing but the spasm of a dying animal, “The fact that someone as pro-Dravidian as Karunanidhi has sought inspiration from an Aryan epic clearly shows that he’s desperate. Steel or no steel, Amma will swallow Alagari without even a burp.”

The news hasn’t escaped AIADMK’s notice. According to party insiders, there’s a significant buzz within the leaders on who should don the role of Krishna to interrupt Alagari even as he’s walking towards Karuna’s residence to shame him into covering himself up. The task, titled “Operation Banana-leaf” is likely to be led by Captain Vijaykant who is reportedly practicing delivering hour-long, red-eyed rants to his party MLAs.

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