James Cameron signs Arnold’s love child for ‘Terminator 5: The Teenage Years’


Hollywood mogul James Cameroon has signed Arnold Schwarzenegger’s recently outed love child with his maid to play the teen Terminator in the fifth instalment of the Terminator series  titled ‘Terminator 5: The Teenage Years’.

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An upbeat James Cameron told reporters “I had always wanted the next instalment to be based on Terminator’s teenage years. Unfortunately, I couldn’t proceed with my plans since none of Arnold’s legitimate children resemble him sufficiently. But his love child’s striking resemblance to Arnold makes him a perfect candidate for the lead role and I can now realize my vision”

‘Terminator 5: The Teenage Years’ will be framed as a prequel to ‘Terminator 2: Judgement Day’.  The plot revolves around John Connor, leader of the resistance, mentoring an adolescent version of the Terminator   before   he is sent back in time to protect Connor as shown in the second instalment of the series. The plot will focus on a wayward and emotionally unstable adolescent Terminator grappling with the thorny issue of his being neither man nor machine and end with the teen Terminator transitioning into adulthood after overcoming these identity issues. Uncorroborated reports suggest that Arnold will put in a ‘blink and you miss’ appearance at the end of the movie as the adult Terminator.

A beaming Arnold said, “I am very proud for my love child. With this movie, I hope to pass on my legacy and also help launch my love child’s movie career. I will be there on the sets to give my love child tips on the right mechanical intonation and machine like emoting to create impact.  I have put him on a body building routine too”.

Love child Arnold Jr (name withheld on request) was jubilant. “I am so proud to be playing a teenage version of dad’s Terminator. If the movie does well, hopefully I will also do Teen Conan and Teen Predator and take the Arnold Schwarzenegger legacy to Gen Y”

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  • http://salesgyaan.blogspot.com Arindom Borah

    Dear Unreal Mama,

    Great news! I’ve always between a Schwarzenegger Fan and I’m sure that his illegitimate son will do legitimate justice to Arnold’s early roles. But, I fear that the titles of the movies may require a few changes here and there, as times have changed.I would like to suggest the use of ‘new generation’ words like ‘cool ‘ and “dude’ as replacements or extensions may solve that problem.
    ” Conan the Barbarian” can be renamed as “Conan-the cool dude” or Commando can be renamed ‘Kickass Commando’!!