Rehman Malik sends a list of ‘Pakistan’s 50 most wanted terrorists’ to ISI

Rehman Malik sends the 'Pakistan's 50 most wanted' list to ISI

Rehman Malik is pretty kicked about the 'Pakistan's 50 most wanted' list he gave to ISI

Following the brazen strike by Taliban militants on Pakistan’s naval base in Karachi that claimed the lives of 11 soldiers, Pakistan’s Interior Affairs’ Minister has taken a leaf out of the Indian book, and sent a list of “Pakistan’s 50 most wanted terrorists” to ISI.

“I was sipping on my strawberry milkshake and catching the live coverage of the naval base terrorist strike, when it suddenly occurred to me that we ought to compile a list of ‘Pakistan’s most wanted’” said Malik. “I called up the President and he confirmed that we are indeed empowered to do this. After that, all it took me was a Word template from one of Chidambaram’s lists, and a couple of hours later I had the first draft of the list ready”

The development has generally been welcomed by strategists and sections of Pakistan’s civil society. “Unlike our Indian counterparts, we can say with 100% certainty that these 50 most wanted are all in Pakistan” boasted Salman Bashir.

The Indian government has not reacted to this tangential development. However, a PMO official, under conditions of anonymity said, “This will start a race between India and Pakistan in ‘list proliferation’ and a new game of one-upmanship”

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