“Manmohan Singh is the night watchman, real batting star Rahul yet to come”: Digvijay Singh’s new bouncer


PM has evaded some bouncers, and taken others on his body. But will he be able to survive till stumps?

Digvijay Singh was back to his old game when he paid fulsome compliments to Dr.Manmohan Singh by bracketing his tenure to a night watchman’s knock in a Test match innings.

Briefing reporters at the Congress Headquarters in 24, Akbar Road, Digvijay ji said, “Manmohanji has done what the team expected of him as the night-watchmen. With his dour, conservative batting, he has ensured that the opposition does not make any inroads into the Congress batting lineup and expose Rahul Gandhi prematurely. The new dawn will see Rahul Gandhi, our batting mainstay, coming in to impart momentum to the innings and take the Congress to a winning total.”

When queried whether this was the official stand of the party or his personal views, the former MP CM said with a twinkle in his eye, “These are my own views but I’m sure the Party will endorse it. If not, I can always issue a suitable clarification.”

Party spokesperson Jayanthi Natarajan, reacting to Digvijay’s comments said, “I don’t really follow Test Cricket and so didn’t understand the night watchman bit. But yeah, the party has always maintained that Shri Rahul Gandhi should take over whenever he is ready.”

Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, though, seemed peeved with the night watchmen analogy. “I am happy to go back to the pavilion and make way for Rahul whenever the High Command wants me to. But until then, I am determined to rough it out in the middle. And I am definitely not a night watchman,” said the feisty PM, while padding up, to get back to the crease office.

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  • Ajay Kumar

    bouncers se Kab tak bachogey Singh Saab 1 din toh Out Hona hi hai……….

  • Dhiraj

    Why this Dogvijay Singh always keep barking barking and barking !!!
    Rahul ji ke chaat chaat ke hi size mein aadhe kar diye hain isne to !!!!

  • mohan satpute

    who is the real pm mr singh or rahul ? i think rahul is real pm.

  • mohan satpute

    who is the day watchman ?

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