Video: Watch the trailer of ‘MANMOHAN SINGHAM’ starring Dr. Manmohan Singh


[Disclaimer: This video is a work of fiction. Readers are advised not to confuse it with real life incidents. Further, this video is an expression of what we want from and what we think Dr. Manmohan Singh is capable of, and should be seen and viewed in that light. We don't intend to offend anybody, and most certainly not the PM for whom we have the utmost respect as an individual and as a leader]

The Prime Minister’s office has teamed up with producers of the upcoming flick ‘Singham’ to release an ad-campaign ‘MANMOHAN SINGHAM’. Watch the Prime Minister take on baddies such as corruption, inflation, black money, and terrorism in ‘MANMOHAN SINGHAM’

“Not many people realize that Dr. Manmohan Singh’s life is very glamorous and exciting – he works 18 hours a day poring over files, making speeches, meeting dignitaries and briefing Madam so that the people of India can lead more prosperous lives. This campaign will portray the true face of Dr. Singh – that of a superhero committed to vanquishing India’s problems through extra-ordinary policy prescriptions,” said Dr. Harish Khare, PM’s media adviser.

Dr. Manmohan Singham chasing and reining in the personification of the Black Economy

Dr. Manmohan Singham chasing and reining in Black Economy

The PM apparently had watched a trailer of ‘Singham’ on TV and hit upon the idea of using filmi stunts rather than delivering soporific, cliché ridden speeches to signal that he means business. According to PMO officials, the Prime Minister has done all the stunts by himself in the movie. And those 6 pack abs are very much genuine. “Dr. Singh has a life beyond economics, okay! When not reading abstruse macroeconomic theory, Dr. Singh usually pumps weights in the gym to maintain a toned physique,” explained a PMO official.

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    Really amazing. Satire at its best :)

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    this is not the way to project a person who is representing our nation. Though he may be good or bad, mute/voiceless, it will be a laughing stock to people from other countries as this video has gone viral in facebook. Sincerly requesting you to take out this video, though it is done for humor, there must be some respect for a person leading our country.

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    its comic but not right to the person of primeminister stature

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    ” Singh is King ” mussle will make nation

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    ” Singh is King ” mussle will make nation

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    More than 2.65 lakh hits on youtube & media like Hindustan Times, Mid-Day &
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