Press Release: About the controversy surrounding the post titled ‘Manmohan Singham’

[This press release is to be treated seriously. This is NOT a regular UnReal post]

On 16th July, 2011, The UnReal Times uploaded a post titled “Video: Watch the trailer of ‘Manmohan Singham’ starring Dr. Manmohan Singh”. The video, as those of you who have watched it might remember, had Dr. Manmohan Singh’s face edited over Ajay Devgan’s face in certain action sequences from the trailer of the recently released Bollywood movie ‘Singham’ – depicting Dr. Singh as the destroyer of evils such as inflation, corruption, terrorism and the black economy.

Since its release, this video has generally been received in a positive, constructive spirit (as we hoped it would). However, it has come to our attention recently, that certain sections of the Congress party have been offended by the video – so much so that they have filed a complaint with the city police according to this article in a city tabloid.

In this context, The UnReal Times wishes to clarify that the intent behind the video was solely to express our (and as we would like to believe, our fellow countrymen’s) expectation that the Prime Minister and his Government deal with the various ills facing our nation strongly and decisively – ills such as rising prices, a rampant black economy, terrorism, and corruption that have been highlighted by the media and debated vigorously by the polity. In the video, we used elements of satire and parody to convey this intent and imply that perhaps the Government headed by Dr. Manmohan Singh can do a lot more. However, our intention was not to insult or deride the national leaders featured in the video clip. Dr. Manmohan Singh is a leader we have great respect for as a man of integrity and the architect of liberalization.

An overwhelming majority of viewers/readers have understood our intention and reacted to the video in a positive manner. We appreciate it wholeheartedly.

However, for the time being, until we address the aggrieved parties and resolve the issue legally, we have taken this video out of the public domain of our own accord.

Thank you for your understanding

The UnReal Times

UnReal Mama

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  • ankur bansal

    i think congress is in a planning to bring back dictatorship again as it was happened in the term of Indira Gandhi.Where is the freedom of expression and freedom of journalism ? I don’t like congress and most of its money minded and self centered leaders who only think about the party but not about the country .And I proudly say

  • S K G

    Manmohan Singh as a Prime Minister is delivering exactly what was expected of Sonia Maino Gandhi by the US-Europe political thinktanks, an eunuch leadership; keeping a clean resume on his face and being a meek, timid spectator of the anarchy this govt. has promoted.

  • venu

    does one not have the right to speak their heart even, with a disclaimer ?

  • Mohan Lundam

    Checkout this video.