CNN-IBN’s ‘Top choice for PM’ poll goof-up: Forms listed ‘Rahul Dravid’ instead of ‘Rahul Gandhi’


The CNN-IBN poll reveals that most Indians want Rahul to be the next PM, not sure which one though

In a major embarrassment, CNN-IBN has released a statement that its earlier salient ‘State of the Nation’ poll finding that ‘most Indians want Rahul Gandhi to succeed Dr. Manmohan Singh as the PM’ may not have been entirely accurate. Apparently, the questionnaire that had been administered to over 18,000 respondents across India had “Rahul Dravid” instead of “Rahul Gandhi” erroneously printed on it. So the correct inference to now draw is that 42% of Indians want Rahul Dravid to become the next Prime Minister of India, according to CNN-IBN’s press release.

Attempting to put a positive spin on this blooper, a red faced Sagarika Ghose, CNN-IBN’s anchor, said on her popular show “Face the Nation” that “the findings are nevertheless still relevant in the sense that most Indians want a Rahul to become the next PM.” However, CNN-IBN has understandably refrained from analyzing the political implications of its poll findings citing the “Garbage in, Garbage out” principal. Many analysts have nevertheless concluded that this finding, albeit arrived at accidentally, makes perfect sense. “Rahul Dravid is articulate, extremely fit, youthful (editor – by a political, not cricketing yardstick), highly intellectual (he reads a book every night before falling asleep, according to his biographer), arguably more good looking, and capable of taking the attack to the opposition – in summary, a better choice than the Nehru-Gandhi scion,” stated noted political science professor, Dr. Shashank Agashe.

It is likely that the questionnaire design team may have been watching Dravid’s marathon unbeaten innings in the Trentbridge Test when the questionnaire was being finalized which could have led to the typo. A few respondents did point out this glaring error to the survey team but were told to “just fill the form and not act smart” according to a CNN-IBN insider.

When Rahul Dravid was told about the corrected findings, he laughed it off sportingly. “Being captain of the Indian team was tough enough, and now people want me to captain India!! Thanks but no thanks, I’m sure most people saw through the error and must have meant to pick Rahul Gandhi only,” said the Wall to this correspondent over the phone before disconnecting to head off for batting practice. The Wall later text messaged that “On second thoughts, being the PM is easier than opening the batting in Tests.”

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