Journalist mistakenly interviews Bollywood actor Imran Khan instead of Pakistani cricket legend


B’wood Actor Imran Khan was mistaken for his namesake from Pakistan by an ignorant American

New York based CNN correspondent, Julia Whitehead, who was supposed to interview Pakistani cricketing legend turned politician, Imran Khan, ended up interviewing Bollywood actor Imran Khan instead under a case of mistaken identity. Julia had been recently assigned to the South Asian bureau and is working on an upcoming article on politicians from the sub-continent. Unfortunately, her knowledge of Bollywood, Cricket and South Asia in general is very sketchy, which led to her interviewing the wrong Khan. An Indian colleague had casually mentioned that Imran Khan was in New York shooting for a movie and the unsuspecting Julia promptly scheduled an interview with him before he left. Bollywood Actor, Imran Khan, in turn gladly agreed to the interview hoping it would fetch him some publicity and enhance his image with Indians living in America.

Here are excerpts from the faux interview that CNN kindly shared with The UnReal Times:

Julia: Thank you Mr. Khan for agreeing to the interview. Must say, you look quite young for your age. What is the secret of your youthful looks?

Imran (slightly taken aback): er… thanks. I work hard to pass off as a 22 year old although I am 28. Good sleeping habits, exercise and healthy diet do the trick for me.

Julia (giggling): Mr. Khan, your sense of humour is delectable… For a fast bowler, you have quite a small build and frame. How did you manage to be successful in your sporting career despite being so puny?

Imran (blushing): You yanks have a very weird sense of humour. Er… my cute looks and puny frame help bowl maidens over, you see. Hopefully, I will continue to maintain a good strike rate going forward also.

Julia (now laughing hysterically): I was told that Cricket is a sophisticated sport that we Americans will never be able to understand. I can see why now. On a serious note, how easy was it to make the transition to full time political activism?

Imran (raises his eye brows quizzically): er… I am not really a full time activist. I sometimes take a stand on issues of dubious public interest such as filing a PIL against increasing the legal age for drinking mainly to garner some publicity and increase my star value.

Julia: Wow, you advocate that drinking should be legalized? Mr. Khan, you realize that your life can be in danger for taking such a bold and extreme stand…

Imran: Hmm… now you are scaring me. Why would anyone want to kill me for taking such a stand? This is India for heaven’s sake, not Pakistan.

Julia (confused): er…but aren’t you a Pakistani?

Imran: Hell no!!

Julia: Huh? Wait a minute, aren’t you the famous cricketing legend Imran Khan who won the World Cup for Pakistan in 1992?

(Imran, whose ears slowly begin to turn scarlet, just stares at her)

Julia (still confused): Well then, who are you?

(Imran opens his mouth in indignation, but no words come out. He abruptly stands up and walks away leaving a confused Julia behind)

The following day, Imran Khan swore not to grant interviews to ignorant American journalists ever again. Julia on the other hand, has requested that she be shifted elsewhere from the South Asian bureau citing utter lack of familiarity with the region.

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    Ahhhh…..the Unreal Times…!!!

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    “Imran opens his mouth in indignation, but no words come out ” ROFLLLLLLL

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    Couldnt help laughing while reading this article. Nice one. People got to have some sense which unfortunately is not very common. How could they mistake this to be true?

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    i think this is a fault of ignorant american journalist. if this mistake happened with any other country’s journalist. he / she will be criticized more even she / he may be give resignation from this field. but their is no action taken against the fault of american journalist. is they are unique from other journalist? this is also a lesson for Asians.

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      abay dhakkan , its fake , tu shuru hogaya apne extremist khayalat le k lolz

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    Abdul, you are being the dumb guy here. It is a spoof site. So lesson for your: don’t rush to post something that will make you look more stupid than what you are.
    And Americans are not all that dumb, the way they are pressurizing us to squeeze Haqqanis. We need to be on top of our game.

  • Umair Nasir

    The fact that many people commenting here take this article as real is even more interesting.

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    Some comments are funnier then the article. Its “fiction” People!!! LOL

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        Be glad they didn’t come to you for an interview mate!

  • Zohaib

    Some comments are funnier then the article. Its “fiction” People!!! LOL

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    Gud site and content indeed !

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    it is not real and i thought it was … LOL!

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    wish it had been real though that would have made it even more hilarious

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    Why do I get the feeling this is a made up thing. The questions and the the answers dont look like the initial sessions of an interview.

    How can Imran just walk out at the end ? ..

    • Fatima

      maybe because it WAS made up :)

  • Abrar Rauf

    Imran Khan : “This is india, not Pakistan”

    And the interview was being doine in NewYork ..

    Yank to yank .. he seems a dud too. If this is true.

    • Imran Ahmed Khan

      @Abrar for goodness sake if you have missed all that is written on the page and all that is written in the comments please look again. This is meant to be a joke, a spoof, a bit of fun. It is not meant to be true. ;)

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    Yes.. thats funny how people actually think that this article is real..

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    Imran Khan the actor certainly has a sharp sense of humor,in bowling maidens over. He got me as his fan.

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    Hahahaha amazing! I have got to be honest. I was convinced for a moment there that this was real. Lol.

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    If it was real … so i feel imran did a very childish without knowing the agenda of interview how did he got into this???

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      you might want to read the disclaimer at the bottom right of this page.

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    Everything is possible imagine US army paid 100,000 dollar to an poor afghani barber named mulla abdullah to stop fighting with US and not to attack when US troop move near their village and stop villagers from attacking them they thought he was taliban commander mullah abdullah we he left greenzone he called his family and migrated to pakistan……….dont ask me what happened to US troop when they went to the village after paying 100,000/-

    • Khan

      I missed the story. Can anyone give idea when the
      stupidity took place ??

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    Khalid quite right. Americans ignorant about Pakistan and insult us by interviewing Indian Imran rather than Pakistani captain. Pakistan should ignore such insults.

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    You fucking dumbasses, this is a satirical blog. Of course the article is NOT true.

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    Just look at the very top. It clearly says

    The UnReal Times

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    America’s always sleepy. Just think before you do something else. Such foolishs are American.

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    no comparison b/w that imran khan, just an actor and the cricket legend plus world famous personality for being a star and doing tremendous social activities,the great imran khan !!
    lol itz funny article and unreal but in reality no-one is foolish to do their comparison !!!

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    I cant wait for the day when some news channel breaks the news that Diggy Raja was mistaken to be the spirit/ghost of Later Digvijay Singh of JDU.

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    heheheh.. i was in a hurry when read this piece.. then paused for a while thinking how this could be real! and then i noticed what the site is about! really enjoyed it!
    good job done!

    and those who are quite serious about it, GROW UP!

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    Of course it’s fake – no American uses the word “delectable”!

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    This article is brilliant, whoever wrote it has a funny bone that’s worth a praise.
    But more than the article, it was the comments from users who fail to understand facts & fiction, made me laugh out loud. How can netizens be so ignorant, if they couldn’t read the disclaimer at the end of the page, they could have atleast read the name of the website. And then in the fit of rage, they end up filling all their details and reply here with leaving people to judge “How stupid is this person”.

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    after reading few comments here one cud safely say … ignorance is bliss :)

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