Video: Bhajji’s PR agent releases Bhajji’s image makeover ad before the Champions Trophy


Satnam Singh, Bhajji’s PR agent, today released ‘Bhajji da Force’, a 2 minute ad that shows that the Turbunator is all set and rearing to go in the Champions League.

“People think that Bhajji is down in the dumps due to loss of form. Nothing can be further than the truth. Ever since he returned from England, Bhajji has been practicing diligently on both his form and fitness. A battle may have been lost in the England tour, but the war that is the Champion’s League is yet to be fought. Bhajji will do his country… er… I mean franchise proud in the Champions League T-20 tournament,” said Satnam Singh over the phone to The Unreal Times.

Watch ‘Bhajji da Force’ and draw your own inferences.

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