India urges US and Pakistan to resolve issues through peaceful dialogue


S M Krishna pressed upon Hina Rabbani Khar to resume dialogue with the US

Expressing deep concern over the recent war of words between the US and Pakistan, India’s external affairs Minister, S M Krishna, asked the nuclear armed allies to settle all outstanding differences peacefully through diplomatic dialogue. “We are monitoring the situation closely and we will continue to press upon the two countries to resume dialogue. I hope both countries realize that war as an instrument to resolve issues has to be completely ruled out. As the world’s spiritual super-power, India will do everything it can to prevent the two countries from going to war,” observed Indian Foreign Minister, S M Krishna, on the sidelines of the United National General Assembly Meeting in New York.

According to diplomatic sources, India is willing to mediate between the US and Pakistan if both countries agree. “It is really for the US and Pakistan to establish the kind of dialogue we think is in the long term interest of both countries, and we would ideally like them to resolve all issues bilaterally. However, if required, we are happy to step in and use our clout to help both sides achieve detente,” said a MEA official.

Pakistan has welcomed the Indian offer. “If India can get the US to be a bit more like India, that would be quite cool man,” said Pakistani Foreign Affairs Spokesperson, Basit Ali. The US however has taken a dim view of India’s offer. “We certainly appreciate India for exercising remarkable restraint despite grave provocation from Pakistan. However, expecting the US to behave like India would be a stretch,” remarked Tim Hawke, US State Department spokesperson.

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