Digvijay Singh to enter Bigg Boss’ house


Apparently, Diggy will relentlessly pick on Pooja Bedi in the Big Boss' house

Congress leader Digvijay Singh is all set to be the third male participant in the fifth season of Bigg Boss after Shakti Kapoor and television star Amar Upadhyay. “People perceive me, somewhat unfairly, as a bullshitter and a mean bully who gets on the wrong side of all the good people. Through Bigg Boss, I hope to show people my sensitive and vulnerable side and set right the misleading impression created by right-wing media,” said Digvijay Singh. Diggy denied suggestions that he hoped to revive his dwindling political career through a stint in the reality show.

The veteran leader is expected to stir things up in the house and raise the heat between the inmates up by several notches. According to the organizers, at one stage in the show, Diggy will pick up an argument with Pooja Bedi, which will escalate into a full fledged fight. At a climactic moment in the altercation, Diggy will categorically label her an RSS agent, after which a shocked Pooja will then ask Diggy to shut the <beep> up. Diggy will also court controversy by giving a clean chit to a jailed Mandeep Belvi.

However, not all of Diggy’s moments are expected to be characteristically provocative. Diggy, true to his promise, will display his sensitive side as well. Sources have hinted that Diggy and Shakti Kapoor will become fast friends, and Diggy will share several secrets with Shakti. In one of the episodes, Diggy will actually break down while speaking to Shakti Kapoor about a traumatic incident from his childhood, where a kid in khaki shorts, presumably from a nearby RSS shaka camp, slapped Diggy around, snatched his tiffin box and ate all his food.

Viewers can also look forward to a mushy, emotional moment when Diggy will speak about his love for Rahul Gandhi. In a scene likely to induce teary-eyed smiles, Diggy will vividly describe how he gingerly let go off Rahul’s bicycle the first time he learnt to ride it on his own; how he taught him out-swing bowling after which Rahul went on to take five wickets in a school game; and how he helped Rahul dress up for his first date.

When The UnReal Times rang up Anna Hazare for his reaction on this development, Anna laughed for a full 30 seconds before saying “When I said that Digvijay should go to a mental asylum, I was just kidding. Can’t believe he actually took my advice.” When asked if he would accept Diggy’s challenge and take him on by entering the Bigg Boss house, Anna said he would consider it if the inmates of the house state in writing that they support the Jan Lokpal bill.

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