John Abraham to surgically swap faces with Jim Carrey to boost acting career


In a development that seems right out of Hollywood classic “Face Off”, John Abraham has decided to surgically swap faces with Hollywood actor, Jim Carrey, ostensibly to widen his range of facial expressions and boost his acting career. The desperate move seems to have been instigated by the lukewarm response to Force, a movie John had hoped would catapult him to the pantheon of superstardom, but only managed to take him as far as Force 2.

This will no longer be the complete spectrum of John’s facial expressions

“I can flex every muscle in my body save for my facial muscles. It’s frustrating, yaar. After getting Jim Carrey’s face, I should be able to match the likes of SRK in histrionics and be taken seriously as an actor,” noted a poker faced John Abraham, trying his best to convey the inherent pathos associated with the statement. The Dostana star trailed off by remarking,” I don’t know about looking younger, but the surgery will definitely make me look more like an actor.”

After the exchange, John would be able to emote even in poses like these

Jim Carrey seems rather amenable to the swap too, since he sees it doing wonders for his own career – thus making the arrangement a win-win proposition. “Boss, with John Abraham’s face, I’ll finally be able to fulfill my childhood dream of reprising Arnold’s Terminator in the next installment of the blockbuster franchise. For 20 years, I have been overlooked cos the producers felt I was too expressive for it,” chirped the Hollywood star, contorting his face grotesquely.

Surprisingly, Bollywood players haven’t greeted this development with the usual cynicism they reserve for stars undertaking similar surgical procedures to enhance their looks. “If only John had done this before we shot Force, we wouldn’t have had to spend so much time and effort on silly stunts such as throwing a bike and other outrageous action sequences to distract the audience from John’s wooden face,” observed Nishikant Kamat, the director of Force. “Well, better late than never.”

John’s plans have left his ex-girlfriend, Bipasha Basu, nonplussed though. “When John broke up with me saying he wanted to move on to a new ‘phase’ of his career, I didn’t realize he intended the pun,” shrugged the dusky beauty.

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