Video: Inspired by Ra.One, Congress launches marketing campaign projecting Rahul Gandhi as Rahul.One


SRK’s saturation marketing of his superhero flick, Ra.One, has inspired Congress party bigwigs to launch a similar super-hero themed campaign, Rahul.One, which will put Rahul’s untiring efforts to uplift rural India in perspective, by showcasing it as the work of a super-hero.

“In contrast to Ra.One, there is nothing fake about Rahul.One.  For one, Rahulji unlike SRK, is a genuinely blue-eyed boy. Kalavathy, a resident of Kaliyan village of Amethi, who plays the damsel in distress in the trailer, was truly touched in real life when Rahulji displayed super-human empathy by sleeping over in her house a few months back. So she is not at all ‘acting’ in the trailer but conveying heartfelt awe,” raved Salil Tripathi, the District President of Congress Amethi cell and creative brain behind the campaign.

Rahul.One has become a hit on YouTube. UP CM, Mayawati, who has seen Rahul.One over 100 times on her iPad is now planning to come up with a marketing campaign which will project her as Wonder Woman (aashcharya waali mahila).

Please see the video trailer to decide for yourself.

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Ek chatur naar badee hoshiyaar, apane hee jaal me phasat jaat ham hasat jaat are ho ho ho ho ho!

  • manas

    super idea unreal times.
    especially the car scene in which rahul lands on the aam aadmi (woman+kid)’s car

  • http://N/A Rishi Tiwari

    hahaha . Gazab

  • http://N/A Rishi Tiwari

    I Think Congress should Get ISO9001 for this video.HAHAHA

    • R Rawal

      Rishi Tiwari: what a great suggestion, are u related to manish tiwari?


    real pic…real hero….real leader….real man…..real brother….real son…..for country….jay hind

    • bhupesh

      hero who is working for batter india.aameen……

  • shiv shankar

    :))))))))…..nice one……but need to think,shud rahul will do ????

  • ajey


  • viraj

    cool guys of india

  • Sonika Garanaik

    I hope Rahul G will do like G.ONE

  • Sonika Garanaik

    You have a very good leadership

  • Priyabrata Tripathi

    SRK is reel hero…but politicians like Rahul are real hero who can sustain 16 hrs of touring and meeting people in the dust and dirt which we armchair critic can not imagine. So stop being cynical for politicians…if you have it in you then come and replace them with your creative ideas that can solve some issues for which you are cribbing from the cushioned chair of your air conditioned work space.

    Ridiculing politician is now just a fad….no substance….what do you fear about…you wont be accepted…then why cry about family politics…There is no big leader than Indira and she was also defeated by a “Monkey”, you are better than him.

    Come and expose this family…Ok..why don’t you ask Subramnyam Swami to file a case on behalf of one of you regarding the Swiss account of Sonia, Rahul and Robert Vadhra? I think after winning the can have your party at center.

    • Mosquito Cooker

      If you want to admire Rahul Gandhi because he traveled 16 hours to meet people then isn’t L K Advani infinitely more admirable than Rahul Gandhi? Advani at 83 is twice the age of Rahul Gandhi – 41 and he traveled the whole of India, not just a few villages in UP.

  • Priyabrata Tripathy

    Yeh..Rahul does not conduct Rath Yatra like Advani…he does not pay the journalists to influence the coverage of his yatra, he does not share stage with liquor barons; that is why you may not know how much Rahul has covered in his country? By the way I was not talking about Rahul only when I used the word “politicians.”

    • Rimzim

      We’ve not heard of any progress report of his own constituency, i.e, Amethi.

      That means I am not like BJP ( I hate them specially Modi )

      But if you think Rahul Gandhi is good please what he done for Amethi other than lecture & lecture & lecture……………….. So, how u think he is better than others ( only his so called great time spending with vilagers )

      One time he said about Mumbai bomb blasts ” Ek ya do bomb blast to ho te rahange unhe roka nahi jaa sakta “………………………………………