Aaj Tak beats Cartoon Network, named India’s best comedy channel


Goregaon, Mumbai: A survey conducted in all major cities of India by the renowned survey agency – International Surveys in Heartfelt Humour and Happiness (ISHHH) – has revealed that Aaj Tak has beaten all other major contenders such as Cartoon Network, Comedy Central, India TV, PTV and various infotainment channels, to be deemed India’s no.1 comedy channel.

Aaj Tak voted best Indian comedy channel of the year

Elaborating on these interesting findings, Kamlesh Tyrewala, COO of ISHHH, said, “Our aim is to bring out the truth through such surveys. Some news channels cause people to laugh so much that their stomachs hurt and tears roll out with programs based on eclectic topics such as aliens, ghouls, astrologers and love lives of tigers. So ad agencies and people need to be informed through such surveys that these channels are in fact great avenues from which audiences can get their daily dose of comedy.”

This news has generated mixed feelings among most of the Aaj Tak crew who are in a dilemma  as to how to react, but Deepak Punchrasiya a leading journalist with Aaj Tak tried to put a positive spin. “I think all the credit should be given to the team of diverse individuals here. Five years ago, we had over hauled our news policies and fired 99.9 percent of our reporters. Since then, we have recruited 5 cricket specialists, 7 astrologers, 6 exorcists, 11 witch hunters and 13 seasoned actors, and now we are reaping the benefits,” Punchrasiya finished with a smile.

India TV was a close contender but AajTak’s evergreen telecast of prime time shows such as ‘Khatre me Sachin’ (Sachin in Danger) and ‘Sallu vs Sarkaar’ made it a sure-shot winner, revealed sources. “While ‘Khatre me Sachin’, which featured incisive analysis into a high profile political controversy by Sri Lankan Cricket Board to shorten the size of side screens to put Sachin in danger, some how…er….Anyway, Sallu vs Sarkaar was a ball by ball analysis comparing Salman Khan’s ‘Dabangg’ with Big B’s Sarkaar and both provided mirth to even the dumbest of audiences, kudos to Aaj Tak,” adman and media pundit Prahlad Kakkar told The UnReal Times.

While some people are applauding the timing of the survey, when numerous comic incidents are happening all around us, others contend that Aaj Tak may have accidentally created a new genre in Indian television, i.e. Comedy News. There are also reports that The Walt Disney Company, a leader in the animation cartoon industry, is exploring a tie-up with Aaj Tak.

(Contributed by special correspondent  Pagla Ghoda)

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