Akshay Kumar claims Rockstar is a copy of his old movie Dancer


Spot the similarities

Bollywood star, Akshay Kumar, today made a sensational claim that the recently released movie, Rockstar, is a complete rip-off from one of the early movies of his career, Dancer. The Khiladi star based his claims on the uncanny similarities between the song, “Nachoonga toh…” from Dancer, which was released in the early 90s and “Sada Haq” from the Ranbir starrer. Dancer was a commercial disaster but Bollywood noticed Akshay’s immense talent as an entertainer from the song “Nachoonga”, according to trade analyst, Taran Adarsh.

We present the original and ask you to judge it with the imitation

“Why are people raving about Ranbir’s pseudo rock-star act when I essayed a cheesier and infinitely superior role of an artist who can dance and sing as well way back in 1991? The song was not just a cult hit, but defined the heady exuberance of the early 90s with the youth celebrating their new found freedom in the wake of economic reforms,” observed Akshay Kumar, who has threatened to sue the producers of Rockstar for copying from his movie without his consent. Akshay is especially pissed with Ranbir’s pathetic attempts to head-bang like him. “I am the best head-banger in the history of Bollywood while Ranbir is merely… a banger,” said Khiladi Kumar, banging his head in frustration.

Ranbir, in his defence, said, “I had no idea that Akshay uncle had even acted in a movie called Dancer. I unconditionally apologize to him if he thinks I have tried to imitate him.” Rockstar director, Imtiaz Ali, however has confessed that he might have unwittingly duplicated many scenes from Dancer, since it was one of his favorite movies from childhood and had left a deep impact on his cinematic outlook. The talented director has proposed to include “Inspired by Dancer” in the opening credits of his movie to placate Akshay.

The controversy has now taken a new twist with the playback singers of the 2 songs, Mohit Chauhan and S P Balasubramaniam, releasing the following joint statement: “We, as the playback singers, are the real rockstars. Akshay and Ranbir, are mere extras.”

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