Stunning revelation: West Indies’ cricket captain, Darren Sammy, is a Tam brahm!!!


Sammy punctiliously performs Sandhya Vandanam before heading for practise

West Indian skipper, Darren Sammy, is not of Afro-carribean ethnicity as is widely believed but a pucca Tam brahm!!  This stunning revelation came to the fore after the cricketer was spotted performing Sandhya Vandanam in the wee hours of dawn in his 5 star hotel before the team headed out for nets practice.

Darren Sammy or more accurately Muralidharan Swamy (the name was anglicized after most West Indians found it impossible to pronounce the original South Indian monicker) hails from an orthodox Iyer family, the Swamys, who incidentally are distantly related to Janata Party President, Dr. Subramanian Swamy. The West Indian all rounder spent his formative years in Chennai’s Mylapore before migrating to the Caribbean island nation of St. Lucia in pursuit of his dream of becoming a pace bowler.

“Even as a school-going kid, Swamy was rather different from his Padma Seshadri classmates,” disclosed Ambi mama, Sammy’s maternal uncle. “While his fellow Iyer cousins reveled in solving Quantum Mechanics wave equations, cracking Mathematics Olympiad problems or listening to Carnatic music, Swamy’s attention used to frequently drift through the window onto the neighbouring street where little urchins played cricket with a rubber ball. Swamy would often bunk his classes and join them.”

And to add to his parents’ consternation, Sammy idolized the fearsome West Indian pace battery of the 80s rather than India’s legendary spin quartet comprising Bedi, Prasanna, Chandrasekhar, and Venky. Matters came to a head after the Tenth Board exams, when Sammy’s dad, Varun Swamy, asked him to “live up to the family’s scholastic tradition” by getting into IIT. So the budding cricketer, very much against his wishes, was forced to attend 3 hour long classes for IIT-JEE in T-Nagar’s Satyamurthy school. Sammy rebelled. With support from Ambi mama, Sammy found the courage to go against his parents’ wishes and migrated to the Carribean where his cricketing talent blossomed after he was selected to play for St. Lucia in the Red Stripe Bowl. Within a few years, he earned his West Indies cap.

Aiyyo, how much I told Murali to take up chess as a hobby after getting into a top Engineering college.  But no use, he only wanted to play cricket, chae,” wistfully recalled Murali’s dad, Mr. Varun Swamy, who still entertains hopes that Darren Muralidharan will chuck his cricketing career and enroll for an engineering seat from Guindy Engineering College, his cousin Karthik Aiyer’s alma mater.

Sammy is still very much in touch with his roots though. “Swamy regularly does Sandhyavandanam, strictly avoids non-vegetarian food including eggs, and absolutely loves curd rice. Why, just two months back he asked me to courier a new poonal,” said Ambi mama, with a touch of unmistakable pride.  However, Ambi mama‘s only gripe is that Sammy chose fast bowling instead of the more cerebrally challenging art of spin bowling. “Look at Ravichandran Ashwin. He chose a trade where his natural Iyer intelligence will invariably enable him to shine. I don’t know, but sometimes I feel fast bowling is a unbrahminical,” frowned Ambi mama.

Tam brahms in general have welcomed the news that Darren Sammy is one of their own. BCCI President and India Cements owner, N Srinivasan, has invited Darren Sammy to join his IPL team, CSK. “Presently, too many Iyengars in team, pa. Sammy’s inclusion will tilt the scales in favour of Iyers,” explained Mr. Srinivasan.

Former Union Minister, Mani Shankar Aiyar, when contacted however berated The Unreal Times for wasting space on trivial issues such as caste identity of a sportsperson instead of focusing on weightier social issues like poverty alleviation. Nevertheless he remarked in a soft voice, “Sammy should suffix ‘Iyer’ to his name so that people don’t misplace his ethnic identity. He had even me confused there.”

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  • Sravan

    I don’t know how you came up with that photo, but it’s a fantastic forge!!

  • Raghu

    wow!!!!! iyers are the best!!!!!!!

    • http://yahoo vichu

      hey raghu mind your words… talented persons are best not because of iyers who perform well! mind your talk! bullshit!

      • mahesh

        he he he

  • Proud Iyer

    i am proud that iyer community has so much diverse talents. from iitians to cricketers iyers are conquereing the world. it is truly heartening to know that darren sammy is in touch with his culture and heritage even though he lives so far away from his homeland. god bless iyer community.

    • Siva Bhaskaran

      I agree that we have iyers and iyengars who are cricketers. Darren sammy is not one of them. Are you retarded or is there sarcasm in your comment? This is supposed to be unreal times. On the other hand, I think Shiv chanderpaul is Hindu. Not sure about his caste though.

    • Human

      Mr. Proud iyer. This statement of yours is so racist. Please don’t be prejudice that you are an ” iyer “. The world is not getting conquered by any race or caste in particular. We are all one. So don’t say these things publicly. And for your information that is a fake photograph and a well edited fake article.

      • mahesh

        bullshit judgement. No other way to prove your toughts.

      • subroto roy

        To all concerned:
        The word ‘caste’ is drawn from the Portugese word ‘Casta’ which has been mischievously used to represent the word ‘varna’ which actually means hue or colour; not the skin colour but to mean ‘people of different aptitudes’.
        While the word ‘casta’ has racial connotations ‘varna’ does not.
        anyone who is well educated (not ill-educated) will not fall into the trap of terming our varnas as castes. Being proud of your ethnicity is not a crime, but being conceited is definitely unpalatable. In fact, in secular social organisation that our heritage has given us, the Sudra is no less important than the Brahman; just recall what happens when the corporation cleaning staff go on strike. Moreover, for the same mistake a Sudra is let off, but the Brahmin is strictly punished according to Dharmashastras. So, get your fundas right before arguing.

        • humanely human

          did you just say corporation workers are sudras….. wow.. yes yes cast is not varna, varna is not cast… a rose in any name……

          come on say cast is an illusion, a corruption of our arsha bharatha whatever by westerners etc etc….,,

      • Indian

        Hehe it just goes to show how silly iyers are! :)


    The person who did the Photoshop alteration does not know the difference between Iyer and Iyengar .In this picture see the naamam in forehead and see the arms like Iyengar… Thappu senjalum naasookkaa seyyanum.

    • Sriram Ramamoorthy

      Athu natharithanam pannalum nasookka pannanum……..Namma panrathu nalu perukku puriya koodathu, theriya koodathu….Ana unga case la athu therinjidiche????

  • RAO

    Convincing article for “The Unreal Times” :)

  • Ramesh

    Nice one… You won’t believe that my wife thought this artical was real initially and started scolding me for nat performing Sandyavandanam everyday… At last when she came to know the reality… it was LOL time for both of us… Good one..

    • http://none san

      ha ha ha.. my dad saw this articl and scolded me too. later i said its unreal times..

  • VC

    > Darren Sammy or more accurately Muralidharan Swamy

    Please don’t publish inaccurate information as the above. His real name is Sama :-)

  • C N Anand

    Pronunciation of dam in Mullaperiyar dam is used by many W Indians to pronounce Damodaran. They changed Kanayya to Kanhai. Darren is more stylish than Dharan. Sammy is easier on the toungue than the toungue twister Swamy. The W Indian Ram can be confused with a horny goat. The English pronounced Gandhi as Gandy as in candy.

    Now who is Ramdin?

  • unni

    FAKE :D The pic is photoshoped.
    1) Sharp Head
    2) Blurred Body

  • NandhaKumar

    Fake photo!!!he is having different signs in head and arms!!a total blunder made by the photoshop editor!!

  • Kalidas.

    I somehow had this feeling that he is an Indian. A Tamil Iyer…maybe. Name changes do happen. You have their spinner, Sunil Narine – must be Sunil Narayan.
    Name changes, spelling changes are there. We had Rohan Kanhai, Sonny Ramadhin. Possible.

    • LOL

      Good sir, this article is fake! It’s all just for laughs. Oh, and the pic is fake too!

  • P K Venkatachalam

    Really could not be leave it . If it is real, I am very proud of him. A man of good principle. I wish him happy days to come. God bless him.

  • lijith

    this is a fake pic….the content can be true….but wen u see the pic…u can se the difference in complextion in his face and body and clarity of this face and body..!!

  • India

    Stupid article find the caste from the sports person .

  • amar

    dear friends —
    that picture looks like he is cheating all of us, never heard of a iyer having on his arms vadakalai urdhva pundram!!! Most likely he saw a youtube video on a good brahmin doing sandya vandanam and then just imitated it mixing it up that it looks most authentic… but thats a joke. don’t be misguided dear friends!

  • Adam

    Good. He is blessed !

  • aditya

    darren sammy a brahmin lol its fake and lmao seeing people believing this crap

  • gsgs1

    nethiyill pattail kaiyill naamam.. lols..before posting unmaya poyya aarainthu post panninaal nalam.. ilayel makal manam punpadum…

  • LOL

    Dear fellow South Indians, eager Tam Brahms and over-zealous Iyers,

    Sarcasm is obviously lost on most of you if most of you believe this article to be real. It’s a well-written piece and the pic is convincing at first glance. It’s a humour website, rather a lot like “Faking News”. And such websites probably should come up with disclaimers for the benefit of some of you – which is totally not the point!

    Anyway, glad to get some laughs out of seeing naivety in the comments section.

    P.S.: Before you slate me, I’m Iyer too…as Iyer as they come, and my last name is Iyer! Cheers! :-))



  • K.Balasubrahmanyan

    good spoof i almost got taken in Ha Ha ! bala

  • Tubelight

    Awwww! Sema Comedy itha unmainu paapanuka nampurathu atha vida comedy.

    • SC Baadu

      Poda Eeetha…

  • gee

    This is real fraud sammy ! like one of nithyananda ” sammy” why all sammy are frauds

  • barbie

    he person who did the Photoshop alteration does not know the difference between Iyer and Iyengar .In this picture see the naamam in forehead and see the arms like Iyengar… Thappu senjalum naasookkaa seyyanum.
    mr.karunakaran just think a while hw it can b edited? ok for instance it may b edited the namam and viboothi and all by painting bt hw the way he sits and do santhya vathanam can b done?haan?

  • The WestIndian

    Kudos to theunrealtimes for coming up with a great article!
    And guys instead of debating on the authenticity of the photograph try appreciating the article.. It’s awesome!

  • NILA

    மானம் கேட்ட பொலப்பு டா உங்களுக்கு. பப்ளிக் ல என்ன கமெண்ட் கொடுக்கணும்னு கூட தெரியல, என்னவோ பெரிய
    ஐயரு,மைருனு. அசிங்கம இல்ல..

    • SC Baadu

      Poda EEthaaa…

    • parayan

      soltaru mahatma gandhi

  • Sanju

    Dear Ppl.. Before commenting anything… Serach google images for darren sammy and check the first picture… Check for any similarity with above pic…

  • tamil
  • Sridhar

    Spoof yes, unreal yes…..but not in the right spirit. Found no humor in it. Dislike!!

  • N.Ganesan

    It is true that Sammy is TAMBRAM! in fact after the series was over he stayed with in Pune for a week and got engaged to a Half Iyer half Iyengar beautiful girl. that explains the mark on forehead and on his arms! his marriage is fixed sometime in May 2012 when the West indies team will be making a full visit to india with 5 tests and 12 ODis.since it will bw long tour he would get more time after the marriage to stay in India with wife beauty is almost like from book of fiction!

    • Andy

      Nice addition/extension to the article

  • Rajiv Rangarajan

    If this is true, brahmins need to introspect….Sammy has not forgotten his roots even after leaving the country…..Well done Sammy

  • arvind

    LOL ..Most people dont even realize that this is a spoof site and are posting so serious comments. LMAO.. ..

    I know its difficult to track the disclaimer but cant they even see the webpage header.. Funny!

    Wonderfull post :) .. Conversations of Ambi mama were just awesome.

  • ForgeDetector

    This is where the snap has been copied and morphed from:

  • AV

    LOL what a load of shit!

  • Naveen Sharda

    Sammy will die after reading this:p

  • Andy

    It is funny that many people believe this to be true!!!
    Good job unreal times.

  • Iyerpunda

    Iyer koothis shut ur dirty mouth, cant see the humor….hehe

  • http://Google S.Kannan

    I very much doubt some one might have played trick anything can happen now a days. can some can come out with truth?

  • zirk

    utter nonsense..I just wasted my time reading this stupid article..

    Looking at the footer in this page:

    © 2012 The UnReal Times. All Rights Reserved. NOTE: Articles / News reports of this website are works of fiction. Readers are advised not to confuse these with real incidents.

  • Aravind

    Man! This URT will one day kill me giving a major heart attack!! :D