UPA brings in reservation for PM’s post: Leaders from SC/ST, OBC, minorities will now share top job


Now there will be more than one head of the nation

After introducing reservation for minorities, OBCc, SC/STs and women in the Lokpal, the UPA Government has taken its commitment to social re-engineering and secularism to its logical conclusion by subjecting the PM’s post to reservation as well. Under a proposed Constitutional amendment to be introduced on the last day of the ongoing winter session of Parliament, the PM of the country, on any day of the year, will have to be

  • a SC/ST from 12 to 6 AM
  • a Muslim from 6 AM to 9:20 AM
  • a member of other religious minorities from 9:20 AM to 10:32 AM (with appropriate time slots for Sikhs, Jains, Christians and other microscopic minorities including Parsis in proportion to their population)
  • a member of OBC community from 10:32 AM to 4:35 PM
  • a female from 4:35 PM to 11:35 PM
  • and general merit quota candidate for the remaining 24 minutes of the day

Other political parties, while lauding the sentiments behind the amendment, have expressed fears that having a multitude of Prime Ministers could lead to political chaos. BJP, on the other hand, has accused the Congress of plagiarism. “We pioneered the concept of no one being in charge and the Congress is shamelessly trying to ape us,” alleged BJP spokesperson, Nirmala Sitharaman.

Congress insiders, however, have downplayed such fears. “Yaar, all these PMs will be figure heads, it is madam who will call the shots. And this Government has anyway been rudderless for a long time as far as governance or policy is concerned,” said a top Congress leader.

Dr. Manmohan Singh has been given the option of being a PM either under the Sikh quota or the merit quota. The economist turned PM has wisely chosen to retain office under the Sikh quota since that will give him 3 extra minutes of power in a day.

Bejan Daruwala, a renowned astrologist and eminent member of the Zoroastrian community, has been selected as the PM candidate to fulfill the Parsi quota – this means he will be PM of India everyday for all of 7 seconds, considering that Parsis constitute less than 0.01% of the population. “7 seconds is sufficient to give some choice gaalis to keep bureaucrats, and erring ministers on their toes,” predicted Mr. Daruwala. Original choice, Cyrus Broacha, declined the offer saying 7 seconds is insufficient to deliver the punchline while giving orders.

Political scientists have, by and large, lauded the proposed amendment as a step towards making democracy more representative but cautioned that more needs to be done. “To make the PM’s post representative with scientific precision, it is imperative that the OBC quota be further subdivided into Yadav, Kurmis and 400 other backward castes based on the 1931 census,” noted eminent social scientist, Dr. Yogendra Yadav.

The Congress, however, is not willing to stretch the idea beyond reasonable limits. “Arre bhai, Madam is human after all. There are only so many remote controls she can handle in a day, na,” explained veteran Congress leader, Digvijay Singh.

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