The Wall breached! Snapshots of Rahul Dravid’s Facebook Wall leaked


Yesterday, The UnReal Times joined a privileged group of people who can claim to have breached the Wall, when our source in the Indian dressing room managed to click snapshots of Rahul Dravid’s Facebook Wall, even as the batting legend was out in the nets practicing leaving balls outside the off stump. Here, take an exclusive peek into the pics.

(Click on the image for a larger view)

Snapshot of Dravid's Facebook Wall - 1(Click on image for larger view)

Snapshot of Dravid's Facebook Wall - 2 (Click on image for larger view)



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  • Mosquito Cooker

    I am on a reading spree tonight on your web site and find each article to be better than the prev one. I liked the list of movies Dravid likes.

    Some ideas for future from me for Dravid:-

    Fav Alternate Sport: Wall-e-ball.
    Fav Movie Villain – Lord Walldemort
    Fav Shopping Store – Wallmart.
    Fav Social Worker – Arvind Kejriwall.