Glenn McGrath predicts 404-0 rout for Congress in UP Assembly Elections


Pigeon has predicted a Congress debacle at the electoral hustings

After predicting that Australia shall whitewash India 4-0 in the ongoing series, which uncannily seems to be on course to come true, Glenn McGrath has stuck his neck out one again and predicted that ‘the Congress would be routed in the upcoming UP assembly elections’. “I see a 350-0 whitewash for the Congress considering the way they have been blundering of late,” said the Australian pace legend, continuing a tradition of predicting series outcomes.

He later issued a correction. “Oops, I stuffed up once again. Didn’t realize UP has 404 seats. So definitely it will be a 404 drubbing,” said McGrath at the SCG while promoting pink T-shirts for the McGrath foundation for breast cancer. The fast bowler has also tipped Team Anna to bounce back. “Look, they have some fine players and just because of  some bad days at the office recently, the boys can’t be written off. I think they will come back strong and they way they have been playing, I expect big things from them.”

Pigeon’s latest prognostication has ruffled the feathers of Indian politicians. BJP spokesperson, Prakash Javadekar, observed, “We don’t agree with Shri McGrath ji’s 4-0 whitewash prediction but he definitely has stuck the right line and length with his new estimate.” Noted political scientist, Dr. Yogendra Yadav, preferred to tread cautiously. “Mr. McGrath should remember that UP politics, unlike India vs Australia series Down Under, is a game of glorious uncertainties. I don’t think he did his caste arithmetic before making that prediction.”

Digvijay Singh bravely attempted to parry the latest McGrath bouncer on behalf of his party by dubbing him a RSS agent. “McGrathji has to be the sanchalak of the Sydney RSS shakha. Why, the other day in the SCG, there were so many RSS workers in pink ,bordering on saffron, T shirts. Shri McGrath ji should first make a clean breast, pun unintended, of his political affiliations before making such statements,” thundered Diggy.

Ravi Shastri provided some much needed perspective on the raging debate. “I think Glenn’s bang on the money with this one. No half measures there.”

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