Valentine Day bonanza: Karan Johar, National Geographic team up for movie on love lives of elephants


A poster of Karan Johar's latest film

Karan Johar and National Geographic will be teaming up to produce a special love story set among African elephants of Kenya – Jungle Mein Kuch Kuch Hota Hai-  which will be aired on Valentine’s Day. Terming it a creative collaboration of likeminded people in pursuit of new cinematic vistas, Karan Johar cooed, “Soooo excited yaa. We have already zeroed in on a handsome African bull called Tembo SRK Kenyata Jhombo (editor: SRK of Kenyan Male  Elephant in Swahili) for the male lead role and Nepyulu Malaki  Chameli (editor: Most ravishing queen of African elephants in Swahili) will be SRK’s paramour. They share awesome screen chemistry and I have already shot a few sequences of a romantic duet between them.”

Watch trailer of Jungle Mein Kuch Kuch Hota Hai. Turn on your speakers.

National Geographic’s creative director, Victoria Pope, added, “We usually show horny elephants…er…humping on Valentine’s Day but Karan said he will make a candy floss romantic sitcom with lots of weeping, gooey dialogue and senti scenes that can be viewed by the entire Indian family. We are excited to be working with such a talented film-maker to promote the cause of elephant conservation.”

However, the Election Commission has poured cold water over these plans by ruling that graphical footage of amorous pachyderms running around the trees could cloud the judgment of impressionable UP voters and prevent them from exercising their franchise sensibly.

“Man, this sucks. We have awesome footage of well endowed African bulls going about their business with some cute looking African lady elephants. Now all I can say is F***,” a disappointed Ms. Pope groaned.

Instead, National Geographic has commissioned Karan Johar to direct a relatively vapid documentary on adultery in hyenas showcasing the colorful domestic life of a male hyena, Cheeka SRK  - [SRK of Hyenas in Swahili] –  in a contented ménage à trios with 2 bitches, tentatively titled Kabhi Alvida Na Hyena.

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