Mahatma Gandhi returns to haunt Congress party on April Fools Day


24, Akbar Road, the headquarters of the Indian National Congress today had a surprise visitor, who claimed to be the ghost of the Father of the nation, Mahatma Gandhi. Special polaroid CCTV cameras installed in the office recorded the spooky encounter, the transcripts of which are reproduced below:

The man claiming to be the ghost of Mahatma Gandhi walks in, clad in a dhoti and holding a stick.

Sibal: Excuse me, who are you & what do you want? Guards, don’t you pre-screen visitors?I want zero intrusion!

Suresh Kalmadi: Hey wait, I know this guy! His photo is on all the notes I earned while running CWG! I’m just not getting his name! Damn my dementia!

Renuka Chowdhary: Hey, he’s bald ! I think he’s the villain from Agneepath ! Why don’t you teach him to grow some hair, Shashi?
(Everyone laughs; Shashi Tharoor flicks his hair after his name is mentioned and then gets back to tweeting)

Gandhi (finally breaking his silence): Good morning, O brothers & sisters! My name is Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi.

Sibal (sarcastically): Sorry, we know only 3 Gandhis – Sonia Gandhi, Rahul Gandhi & Priyanka Gandhi.

Gandhi (points to a stationary figure): Whose statue is this?

Sibal: What do you mean? This is not a statue! He is our Prime Minister, Dr.Manmohan Singh!

Gandhi: Oh! I beg your pardon. Why is he a silent spectator?

Sibal: His motto is hear all mischief, see all mischief, but speak no mischief. Anyway who are you?

Gandhi: Alright. Well, I was a freedom fighter back in the 1930s-1940s.

Sibal: Oh! Let me google you up. (Googles on his 35$ Akash tablet). Sorry sir, it shows only the 3 names I just mentioned.

Gandhi: That is because you have censored the internet, Mr.Sibal ! Try going through a proxy.

Sibal: Proxy? Over to you, Dr.Manmohan Singh!

Gandhi: No no, I meant a proxy server.

Sibal’s aide (in a whispering tone): Sir, he might be related to Rahul ji from his dad’s side. Let’s just humour him, shall we.

Sibal: may be right (turning to Gandhi ji) What can we do for you?

Gandhi: I’m good, thank you! Sorry for creeping into your busy schedules, but I assure you, I will not take much of your time. I just needed to talk to you about changing my story in the History text books for future generations. I have already filed a plea in the Delhi High Court regarding the same. I was surprised at the speed of execution, I guess the name “Gandhi” did help.

Sibal: Well, I apologize, Gandhiji. We have already decided on the content. The syllabus comprises chapters on Jawaharlal Nehru, Indira Gandhi, Rajiv Gandhi, Sonia Gandhi, Rahul Gandhi with all of us making guest appearances here & there. But yes, I think I can add a small chapter about you, if madam allows me. Please tell me.

Gandhi: That would be very kind of you. Thank you, Mr.Sibal. You see, no one remembers me these days. In spite of Sagarika Ghose broadcasting live interviews with my before-death form in a sepia tone, which, by the way, she calls orange, every other night, my purpose isn’t being served. I have come to realize that what I had done during those years doesn’t quite stick in the minds of people. So, I’m going against my principle of truth for the first time in my, well, posthumous life.

P. Chidambaram: Now you’re talking! Welcome to the club, buddy! What’s the money like?

Gandhi: No, Mr.Chidambaram, this isn’t about any money. This is about people not remembering me. I have this piece of paper with me, which has a list of changes which I want in the History chapter about me.

1. Please rename me Mohandas Karamchand Bachchan, & my parents Abhishek Bachchan & Aishwarya Rai Bachchan. That way, I will always be talked about, right from 9 months before my birth, for eternity.

2. Please mention that I died due to a fatal slap from Nathuram Godse, because people remember slaps more than assassinations these days. Consider today, for example, people are talking more about Shah Rukh Khan’s slap to Shirish Kunder than remembering my assassination!

3. Please include a video of me crooning “Why this kolaveri?”. Let it be my official anthem for non-violence. There is no way people are going to forget me after that.

4. Please include a Katrina Kaif item number in the Oscar-winning movie about me, “Gandhi”. I will haunt Sir Ben Kingsley and ask him to shake a leg with Kat. That way, more & more people will watch the movie.

5. Please describe my attire as a long-term wardrobe malfunction. That way, my dhothi would make a fashion statement, thanks to some newspapers. Another way in which people would easily remember me.

6. Please rename all my letters to the British officials as “Open letter to the British by M.K.Gandhi”. That way, it would be shared by everyone on Facebook & would surely trend on Twitter. I will be remembered.

7. Please change my birthday from Oct 2nd to April 24th. You see, the thing is, everyone likes Oct 2nd mainly because it is a holiday. No one really remembers me that day. Whereas April 24th, despite not being a holiday, is celebrated with full passion by every Indian all over the world. I really think I deserve that kind of remembrance for all my services to this great nation.

8. Lastly, please mention that Rakhi Sawant had a crush on me & Poonam Pandey offered to strip for me. There cannot be any greater way of publicity for me than this.

9. That is it about me. As an additional favor, I request that another nice person like me, by name Lal Bahadur Shastri, who has been completely forgotten, be mentioned as the father of Ravi Shastri. Please describe him as a cool customer, with loads of experience, whose margin of error was minimum.

10. Please rename the MNREGA program which is apparently named after me to MAREGA because that’s what labourers say it really is. Moreover, the program doesn’t really seem to  exist on the ground.

Gandhi: Thank you for your valuable time, ladies & gentlemen.

Sibal: Hmmm. Hold on, Mr.Gandhi. Let me ask madam whether we can implement these changes.

(calls Sonia Gandhi & explains the situation to her ). Which state do you originally hail from, Mr.Gandhi?

Gandhi: Gujarat.

Sibal: Gujarat, madamji. Okay, I’ll tell him. (turns to Gandhi ).

Sorry sir, our madam has said these changes can only be considered after Congress returns to power in Gujarat. But she is willing to officially change your name to ‘Ghandi’ since that is the real family name of her husband and if it is of any consolation, she will announce a new scheme, Rajiv Ghandi Garibi Hatao Yojana, indirectly in your honour

Gandhi: Oh dear, I thought I would make April Fools out of these people, but they made a fool out of me. Let me go and play a prank on Sunju baba instead.

(‘Gandhiji’ trudges wearily out of 24, Akbar Road, crestfallen that his April Fool’s joke was lost on them)

(Reported by special correspondent, Ashwin S Kumar)

Ashwin Kumar

About Ashwin Kumar

1 of the proud columnists of URT, former co-editor of URT Tamil, amateur musician, Real Harris Jayaraj devotee, UnReal T. Rajendar fanatic, passionate about stopping female foeticide.

  • Indian

    You can make fun of any one. But please have some consideration when you try to make fun of Mahathma Gandhi. You should be sensitive when making comments or playing jokes on Father of our Nation.

    Quite frankly, I enjoyed all the articles on With this, you lost my respect. Disgusting thoughts and disgusting article.

    • Vishal Trivedi

      The author clearly made fun of modern Congress party which has forgotten principles of M K Gandhiji and only remembers the fake gandhis which is dynasty of Nehru family and NOT father of the nation. Read the article properly before (miss)judging its intent.

  • Tejaswi

    The media however, believed that the spirit of M.K Gandhi had really made its appearance in the INC office in the capital. The Congress party came under severe criticism for having dishonored the demands of the ‘EX’ “Father of the Nation”. However, the party defended its actions ; in a press conference, Congress spokesperson Mr Digvijay Singh said “Mahatma Gandhi brought us freedom but what did India have then? Jawaharlal Nehru, Indira Gandhi, Rajiv Gandhi and Sonia Gandhi have sacrificed their lives for taking the nation forward. It is time for Rahul to take over the reigns of the country (as in wherever Congress wins the elections). Why did M.K Gandhi not return in 2002 when the Godhra incident occurred? Why did he not demand anything for the minorities? He has been indoctrinated by the communal forces in Gujarat”, concluding that he saw the involvement of R.S.S in Mahatma’s visit to the INC office. Meanwhile, according to reports from Kolkata, TMC chief and West Bengal CM, Mamta Banerjee reacted strongly to the fact that ‘Congress did not consult them and before reacting to Gandhi and to the media in his regard’ and demanded that Congress take (Roll) back its statement.

  • Ashwin

    @Indian – You don’t seem to have understood the point of the article…That’s all I can say…

    @Tejaswi – haha ..nice little sequel there! :)

  • Diggy Chacha

    Hi Ashwin anybody can say anything but I understand your motto behind the article as myself I am also an author of a satire. You have done a really excellent job and this article is a mix of fun and trajedy… it is a black comedy. Don’t consider anybody’s point, keep your heart simple like Gandhiji and write whatever in your mind… there is a saying in marathi “Aikla chalo re” (move alone). Great work and really appreciate your skills… :) Funny too :)

    • Sachin

      Small correction.. “Aikla chalo re”is Bengali(n not marathi) saying from Ravindranath Tagore i believe…

  • Ashwin

    :) thanks!

  • ruben

    good 1…keep it upp..

  • Ashwin

    thanks :)

  • Sam

    Excellent write-up, Ashwin! This would have been very much the situation if Gandhi came in reality! Irony!
    and to people who take everything to heart, on a serious note, please, let loose on things that you should!!

  • Ashwin

    Thank you :)

  • Website Designing Delhi

    Excellent satire on the nation’s as well as the world’s state!

  • Ashwin

    thank u :)

  • Ravi

    While all your articles give reason to smile, this one left me sad – At the state of affairs in India. I will try cheering up :-)

  • Ashwin

    :) Yeah ..this is more like a tragic comedy…as one of the commenters pointed out :)

  • smruti rekha

    really a nice sattire…grt work..keep it up :)

  • Ashwin

    thanks a lot :)

  • Utpal

    Though 100×100 was more hyped, I think people will remember 2nd April more :)

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