Shekhar Gupta quits Indian Express, joins The UnReal Times


Gupta is delighted to join Unreal

Indian Express editor Shekhar Gupta’s highly humorous front-cover page story, which insinuates that the Army may have tried to mount a coup in January on the same day that the Army Chief petitioned the SC to correct government records regarding his date of birth, has so impressed the editorial board of India’s favorite satire website, The Unreal Times, that Shekhar has been invited to become its chief editor. Gupta has accepted the offer and will now be responsible for sourcing and shaping fictional content with a tinge of humor for the website. The veteran journalist has severed links with the Indian Express with immediate effect.

Confirming the news to the mainstream media, C S Krishna, a co-editor at The UnReal Times said, “We have been in the news satire business for quite some time now but till date have never read such an amazingly humorous work of fiction. Guptaji has done a wonderful job and has had the nation laughing since morning. He’s been trending on Twitter with tweeple joking at his expense. After yesterday night’s IPL opening ceremony horror and trauma, this was just what people needed to revive their spirits. We then spoke to him, made him realize his talent’s worth and convinced him that The Indian Express clearly isn’t the place for him. We even told him about the kind of value and recognition he would get as well as add to our website if he were to write such articles for us. Guptaji instantly agreed and we have to say we’re extremely privileged to have him on board”.

Shekhar is thrilled about working with The Unreal Times. “Initially, I was sooo pissed that this article meant for April 1st got published on April 4th instead, and that too as a front page cover story without even a disclaimer that it was meant to titillate, not inform. But now my career has got a boost with that offer from The Unreal Times. F**k man, they tell me there are no editorial standards regarding accuracy and objectivity to uphold. I just need to make people laugh. Suits me perfectly,” cooed raved the veteran journalist.

Special correspondent Ashwin S Kumar too was thrilled about the new recruitment, saying, “It is not for nothing that he’s called Shaker Gupta. He has literally shaken the nation with his recent article!” This move by the UnReal folks has left other news satire websites in panic, with a popular fake news website in India supposedly approaching another skillful fiction fabricator, Congress General Secretary Digvijay Singh, to write articles for them.

Meanwhile, Shekhar Gupta has already gotten down to work, penning his first article for The UnReal Times, titled “After soup song, Dhanush to now make coup song”.

(Reported by special correspondent, Ashwin S Kumar)

Ashwin Kumar

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  • Tejaswi

    Sensationalizing information pertaining to the army is never welcome ; Mr Shekhar Gupta should have realized better, the extent to which the army and the film industry matter to the country. This was very unbecoming of a person of his caliber. As for Mr Digvijay Singh being approached to write articles for the Unreal Times, it is too early to opine that the nation would have nothing to read but for the “Glorious Tales” of Nehru family (which could be a confusing case of the very purpose of UT being defeated and served, at the same time).

  • Ashwin

    @Tejaswi – true about Shekhar Gupta ..

    reg. Digvijay Singh ..I was referring to another famous fake news website trying to rope him in :) …the glorious tales of the Nehru family would still be fake :D …just like fake, derogatory comments about the RSS :)

    • Tejaswi

      Hey Yess!! ..Your comment on Digvijay is right! I just oversaw the “Faking News” :P

  • Diggy Chacha

    Hi Ashwin!… great piece of artile… loved it
    digvijay singh approaches to satire website is bang on target… never forget digvijay singh and kapil sibal have high entertainment value and they are the major source of energy and inspiration to satire writers… by the way i liked the piece.. well done :)

    • Ashwin

      Thanks a lot :)

  • Narayan

    May be he will earn more from congress party and from arms dealers.


    The nexus between corrupt politicians, hang dog media and tyrant corporate is the biggest menace before common Indians. Anna Team does not utter anything against the nexus. Therefore their future is rudderless.