“Joker” card to be banned in West Bengal; playing cards to hold TMC’s “no joker” approval before manufacture!


Rummy games will have a different flavour in the addas of Bengal

Barely a couple of days after arresting a professor for circulating a cartoon depicting Poschim Bongo Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee in a satirical manner, the TMC regime has gone a step ahead by enforcing a statewide ban on the “joker” card in all playing card sets, thereby making it clear that anything even remotely resembling a joke will not be tolerated henceforth in Bengal.

Speaking on behalf of his party, quiz master Derek O Brien said – “That’s right. All people in our state do is sit and make jokes! A professor is supposed to be teaching but instead, he is making cartoons and jokes. How the hell will the state prosper at this rate? We will only end up becoming a laughing stock! It is high-time people got serious and worked towards the state’s progress! Seriousness begins with Didi, who has shown time and again that she means business”.

On the future moves by the TMC, Brien continued, “The joker card is just the beginning. All playing card manufacturers will have to compulsorily hold our TMC ‘no joker’ approval on every set of cards they manufacture. This isn’t all. We have loads of rules coming up – Ban on Novak Djokovic from entering West Bengal, ban on the movie Dark Knight until the Joker character is removed, ban on the movie Mera Naam Joker and so on. West Bengal will set an example for the rest of India as a paragon of a no non-sense, hard working and progressive state!”

This isn’t all; top satire and parody news websites like The UnReal Times too are set to be banned. There has been….

[This post has been left unfinished as the author was roughed up and arrested before he could finish it]

(Reported by special correspondent, Ashwin S Kumar)

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