Married couple who met through Facebook, decide to stay apart to rekindle romance through Facebook


Sameer and Shibani look to rekindle their romance through Facebook

In January 2011, Sameer Singhal, a software engineer working with HCL, was whiling away his time on Facebook, switching between Farmville and liking random posts on his feed, when suddenly, a comment on a post on his Facebook feed caught his attention. His interest piqued, Sameer clicked open the commenter’s profile, and after a great deal of deliberation, gathered the courage to poke Shibani Mehta.

As it turned out, that fateful poke changed both their lives. One poke to led to another, which in turn led to the two adding each other as Facebook friends and liking each other’s posts for about a month after which Sameer pinged Shibani on Facebook chat. And just like that, within six months of Sameer first poking Shibani on Facebook, they decided to get married.

“The first two months were blissful,” said Shibani. ”The moment we did the pheras, we updated our respective relationship statuses on Facebook. I did it before Sameer!” she squealed. “And even before the wedding was over, we got 85 likes and 56 comments! We then spent the next five days, uploading the wedding pics, tagging our friends, counting likes… such fun!”

“Then immediately after the wedding, we took off to Mauritius for honeymoon, and had an even better time updating our Facebook status messages every half an hour right from the airport. And uploading those honeymoon pics on Facebook? Such fun! Pics of Sameer grabbing the sun… pics of both of us leaping mid-air… pics of us monkeying around wearing party hats…. pure heaven!” she reminisced, lost in her thoughts.

“What happened after that?” asked our UnReal correspondent, at which Shibani’s face visibly darkened. “After that, came marital life. I just couldn’t stand that a$$hole! He was just completely useless. I had to do everything around the house! He wouldn’t get groceries, he wouldn’t pay the bills, and he wouldn’t even attend the door. He just sat on his ass all day, wasting his time on Facebook!”

That’s when in a moment of epiphany, Sameer suggested that they stay apart and re-connect through Facebook to breathe life into their flagging relationship, to which Shibani instantly agreed.

“It’s a terrific idea,” beamed Sameer. “Shibani won’t be able to smell me through my Facebook profile, nor will she find my dirty underwear lying around anywhere on it. And if she wants me to get vegetables or milk, I’ll simply login to Farmville and send her a few tomatoes or a cow,” he exclaimed, adding, “besides I can scratch myself whenever and wherever I want!”

It remains to be seen if this ‘Facebook therapy’ indeed works for Sameer and Shibani, but for now, it may be fair to say that this is yet another way Facebook has made a difference to our world.

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  • Ravi Kanth

    Ha ha ha !!! Damn Facebook!!! Had the people of India known this idea upfront, there will not be a case of divorce at all.. .:)