India demands Hafiz Saeed be made Pakistan PM so that he can be convicted by Pakistan Supreme Court


India's best chance of neutralizing Saeed hinges on his becoming the PM of Pakistan

In a major shift in policy, the Indian Government has said that it is no longer interested in Pakistan handing over Lashkar-e-Taiba (LeT) founder and 26/11 accused, Hafiz Saeed, to Indian authorities for prosecution. Rather, it prefers that the dreaded terrorist be made the Prime Minister of Pakistan, a move that could considerably increase his chances of conviction and arrest under the directions of the Pakistan Supreme Court.

The change in policy comes in the wake of the Pakistan Supreme Court disqualifying Pakistan PM Yousuf Raza Gilani following his conviction for contempt of court followed by the issue of non-bailable arrest warrants against Makhdoom Shahabuddin, President Zardari’s nominee to replace Gilani at the helm.

Explaining the rationale behind the shift in stance, External Affairs Minister S M Krishna said: “Whenever we handover evidence against Saeed, Pakistani authorities say they need more concrete proof that can withstand judicial scrutiny. But Pakistan Supreme Court’s activism has rekindled our hopes. We are sure that if Saeed becomes PM, he will, sooner or later, be held in contempt of court and convicted.”

However, Saeed has warned Pakistani authorities against any such misadventure. “Life is so much fun and satisfying as LeT head. I get to rant against India to my heart’s content in public rallies and am held in awe by the military-judicial establishment. Why would I risk losing all this functional autonomy and respect by becoming PM of Pakistan? Thanks but no thanks. I hope Pakistani authorities see through these Indian machinations and thwart them,” ranted Professor Saeed to The Unreal Times Lahore correspondent, Wajahat Habibullah.

Meanwhile, a disheartened President Zardari is contemplating becoming an India baiting right wing extremist to curry favour with the army and the Supreme Court. “I thought life would be chill after I became President and all these corruption charges would be dropped but I was mistaken. I guess I should ditch liberal politics and become a right wing, India hating fundo with close ties to the LeT. After that, the establishment will not dare to go after me.”

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