ACP Vasant Dhoble raids Pranab Mukherjee’s farewell party


Dhoble briefing the media about his latest high profile raid

Mumbai’s top-cop ACP Vasant Dhoble conducted what can be termed as the biggest raid of his career to date by gate crashing into the farewell party of the outgoing Finance Minister Pranab Mukherjee. Insiders reveal that Union Home Minister Chidambaram may have tipped off Dhoble about the so called late night rave party at the Finance Minister’s residence.

Political heavyweights, which included the entire cabinet, were stunned out of their revelry, after a group of cops barged in with hockey sticks and video cameras. The group hurriedly scanned the scene before pouncing on the DJ, pounding him to a pulp and dragging him away.

Speaker Meira Kumar’s pleas of ‘shaanth jo jaiye, yahan se chale jaiye’ fell on deaf ears as Dhoble and his boys clinically went about their business.

“It wash shcary! Initially we thought it wash the hockey team who rushed in to beat up the shportsh minishter. Ajay Makenji ran away into the washroom and locked himshelf. Then Dhoble shaab came in and took away the DJ. It didn’t make much of a differensh anyway. Only people like Shonia ji…oopsh..shorry shorry ..only Shushma ji wash getting bored without the mushick and danshing!” exclaimed an agitated Pranab da, recalling the incident.

Leaders having a good time at the farewell part just before Dhoble barged in

Union HRD minister Kapil Sibal, heaving a sigh of relief after Dhoble left, appeared calm while talking to reporters, and noted: “There was nothing Dhoble could have done. We have violated zero laws while hosting this party! We were only raving as a party about how much we will miss Pranab da, and not having a real rave party.”

Congress MP Shashi Tharoor, however, was disappointed with the turn of events. “Darn! I was just beginning to enjoy letting my long, lovely hair down after getting into the groove, but this Dhoble guy ruined it!” observed the suave UN diplomat turned politician, and proceeded to flick his hair to cheer himself up.

A smiling and chuffed up Dhoble, having conducted his biggest and most high-profile raid of his career, addressed the media, saying, “Aah! It feels good to be back in form! A massage parlour and now the Finance Minister’s party. I heard reports that the DJ who was performing in Pranabda‘s party was playing a song about me. I raided the party to drag him away and question him about how he could do such a thing without my permission. It was then that he told me that the song was Toll Le toll le from Vicky Donor, and not Dhoble Dhoble. So we let him go!”

Dhoble has now been requested by the Sri Lankan Cricket board to raid the studio of the reality show Jhalak Dikhlaja and whisk away Sanath Jayasuriya from there. “We can still take him as our opening batsman. He doesn’t have to resort to such things”, a spokesperson from the board told The Unreal Times.

(Reported by special correspondent, Ashwin S Kumar)

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