RTI queries to be filed only through Twitter; only one tweet per query allowed


The Government of India has introduced a major amendment to the rules of the Right To Information Act: RTI queries hereafter will be permissible only when filed through the popular micro-blogging website Twitter. The move comes just after the government set a word limit of 500 words per RTI application.

According to the new rule, RTI queries will permit a maximum of 140 characters, including the Twitter handle mention ‘@GOI_RTI’ and the hashtag ‘#RTIQuery’. Also, only one tweet will be permissible for every RTI query. “The 500-word limit is for the content on any webpage that might be included as a hyperlink in the #RTIQuery tweet,” clarified Satyanand Mishra, Chief Information Commissioner of the Central Information Commission (CIC).

The amendment is currently undergoing a trial run, as part of which the CIC has been responding to queries by various tweeters to the best of its ability. Some of CIC’s replies compiled by our UnReal Times reporter are as follows:

@aishwarya_parashar: @GOI_RTI Whos d national shame of India? #RTIQuery
@GOI_RTI: @aishwarya_parashar Excellent question! As per the Congress party, the national shame of India is Narendra Modi.

@Swamy39: @GOI_RTI I need the details of Sonia Gandhi’s foreign expenses this year #RTIQuery
@GOI_RTI: @Swamy39 Query not permissible. You’re blocked.

@ashwinskumar: @GOI_RTI Cud u explain wt dis means – https://twitter.com/DeepakChopra/status/227355865055907840 #RTIQuery

@GOI_RTI: @ashwinskumar Sorry, language not decipherable by human beings.

@Vinod_Kambli: @GOI_RTI I need the details of @sachin_rt‘s expenses for his new house #RTIQuery
@GOI_RTI: @Vinod_Kambli As per @sachin_rt‘s request, your query has been filtered and you’ve been blocked.

@Sunny_Leone: @GOI_RTI How many clothes does @iPoonamPandey wear? #RTIQuery
@GOI_RTI: @Sunny_Leone Huge fan of yours, madam! :) You rocked in #Jism2. The answer to your question is – none.

@Mumbaikar: @GOI_RTI What is Jackie Shroff’s view on the NASA space expedition scheduled for 2014? #RTIQuery
@GOI_RTI: @Mumbaikar Jackie Shroff, when asked about NASA’s 2014 expedition, had this to say – Maushi Chi G**nd.

@Chetan_Bhagat: @GOI_RTI How often do I trend on Twitter? #RTIQuery
@GOI_RTI: @Chetan_Bhagat Sigh! Once in every four days!

@iPoonamPandey: @GOI_RTI Do you think I should strip for a national cause? #RTIQuery
@GOI_RTI: @iPoonamPandey Definitely. We all must work together towards greater transparency in public life

@Arnab_Goswami: @GOI_RTI Who is India’s greatest consumer of Old Monk, Mr. Commissioner? The nation wants to know, Mr.Commissioner! #RTIQuery
@GOI_RTI: @Arnab_Goswami India’s greatest consumer of Old Monk is @sardesairajdeep

@sagarikaghose: @GOI_RTI What does “orange” in the Indian national flag symbolize?
@GOI_RTI: @sagarikaghose Your unbelievable stupidity!

However, there was one tweet from the CIC, that has puzzled all its followers and has raised concerns about its security.

@GOI_RTI: Hi tweeple! This is Madhura Honey! Hope you’re all doing good!

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    “@GOI_RTI: Hi tweeple! This is Madhura Honey! Hope you’re all doing good!”

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  • Tejaswi

    The micro-blogging site, Twitter, was flooded with several other queries of the same kind. Some of them were :

    @Commonman : @GOI_RTI What is the amount of black money that has been stashed by the rich Indians abroad? When does the government plan to reveal the names of these people???? #RTIQuery

    @Indian : @GOI_RTI Why did SO MANY scams occur during the UPA rule?? #RTIQuery

    @Maharashtrian : @GOI_RTI Why did the Adarsh scam OCCUR in spite of the Congress which is all the time clean, ruling Maharashtra?? #RTIQuery

    @Goan : @GOI_RTI Goa is a very small state compared to its neighbour Karnataka ; yet the extent of illegal mining that occurred during Digambar Kamat’s rule IS very much comparable to what happened in Karnataka. Why????????????? #RTIQuery

    @Gujarati :@GOI_RTI Which of the Congress ruled states in the country, has an excess of electricity like Gujarat??? #RTIQuery

    @Citizenofindia :@GOI_RTI We all know the controversies surrounding P.Chidambaram like the 2G spectrum scam and the Aircel-Maxis deal. Why was he made a finance minister after Pranab Mukherjee quit? #RTIQuery

    Interestingly, a large number of these queries have not been answered by the government. Instead, the following day, the headlines of the newspapers read :

    “Government of India plans to ban twitter for its alleged large scale misuse”

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