‘Major blow to Modi’ creates Guinness World Record for being the most repeated news headline


'Major blow to Modi' is now a Guinness record

Indian mainstream media made it to the Guinness Book of World Records, when on Friday, its favourite headline “Major blow to Modi” entered the books for being the most-repeated headline in the history of media across the world.

The headline beat a long-list of oft-repeated headlines from all parts of the world, such as “Many killed in shootout at USA”, “Bomb blast in Pakistan: scores dead, hundreds injured”, “Sachin Tendulkar slams ton, leads India to victory”, “Sania Mirza crashes out in first round”, “Girl sexually abused in Delhi”, “Awesome Aussies win again”, “Messi strikes again”, “Glory! Glory! Manchester United”, “Michael Schumacher grabs pole position”, “Rift in Team Anna?” etc.

Statistics reveal that the ‘Major blow to Modi’ headline and all its associated varaiants such as “Major setback for Narendra Modi govt”, “Big blow to Modi”, have racked up a staggering 42000 mentions in print and television media over the last decade. A distant second is the headline on Sachin Tendulkar slamming a century, making the news for a little over 10000 times.

Elaborating on the calculations, Craig Glenday, the editor-in-chief of the Guinness Book of World records, said, “The headline and its variants have been mentioned by at least 2 news channels, 4 times a day, every single day, from 2002 up till now.

Number of days elapsed: 307*1 (in 2002) + 365*7 + 366*2 (taking leap years into account: 2004, 2008) + 241*1 (2012) = 3835
Number of times mentioned per day: 4
Number of news channels mentioning this everyday : 2
Number of mentions in print media + Number of electronic mentions by other Indian news channels + Official postings on social media by all Indian news channels + Number of times the same headline has been used against Lalit Modi: 7485

Grand Total: 42000

“I’d like to extend my hearty congratulations to the Indian news media for this stellar achievement. Well done, fellows! As for whoever this Modi guy is, I have to say, your media absolutely adores you!” added Glenday.

Back in India, Justice Markandey Katju, Chairman of the Press Council of India, had his own bit of advice to give to all forms of media, “I advise the print media to start a dedicated daily column titled ‘Blow to Modi’, so that all the related coverage can go in there. Electronic media could perhaps schedule a dedicated talk show by the same name, during prime-time. As for the social media, I’d suggest that news agencies take over the existing ‘Blow to Modi’ Facebook pages and Twitter handles and use them for their purpose.”

Meanwhile, Indian media celebrated this unique recognition by flashing, printing and tweeting the headline, “Breaking: Major blow to Modi as ‘Major blow to Modi’ enters Guinness Book of Records”.

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  • Ullu Banati

    Ashwin and Team Unreal:

    This time you folks have surpassed yourself.

    This is your best work till date and you will never be able to better this ever again. Not only did you hit a maxima here in this article, you hit yet another maxima in the last two lines of the article.

    If I had a million bucks then I would have given you some black ones I have in Rajasthan but that would land you and me in jail.

    • http://ashwinsatirekumar.blogspot.com Ashwin

      Thank you so much :) ..but I do hope that we’re able to better ourselves !! :) hehe

      • Ulluu Banati

        One more thing. The count was 42000 at the time of setting the record.
        Now 42 is the answer of Life, Universe and Everything (I am sure you know why). So it means that Narendra Modi has the answer of all questions, 1000 times over. :-p

        • http://ashwinsatirekumar.blogspot.com Ashwin


  • Sai

    OMG! Still surviving even after 42,000 blows! What kind of Superhuman he is.

    • http://ashwinsatirekumar.blogspot.com Ashwin


  • Tejaswi

    This is certainly another great piece of writing from you da.

    I somehow feel that this article is quite different from the ones that you had come up with, in the past. It had really not occurred to me that a satire could be written in this fashion as well :) Very good work da :)

    • http://ashwinsatirekumar.blogspot.com Ashwin

      thanks da :)

  • Arpan

    Hats off to the Unreal team. You guys are genius!! This one was top class.

    Just a thought:
    Is this article ” ‘Major blow to Modi’ creates Guinness World Record for being the most repeated news headline” also included in 42000???

    If not 42000+1=42001

    • http://ashwinsatirekumar.blogspot.com Ashwin

      Thanks :) hahaha !! nice one :D

  • mado

    So true. I’ve been reading the mainstream media, especially TOI’s propaganda for so long. Even if a dog dies in Gujrat the same headline is given. While forgetting the n number of scams and shams by our current govt the media only “blows” Rahul gandhi’s cock.

  • MullahMahendra

    Great work. Loved it!

    • http://ashwinsatirekumar.blogspot.com Ashwin

      thanks :)

  • Vineet

    hhaahaha…Perfect BLOW.
    This was by far d best Post…

    Keep it up..

  • shirish dave

    Keshubhai an Ex. CM of Gujarat, used to provide free transportation from Ahmedabad to Gandhinagar and likely whiskey Chicken meal to Journalists. On taking rein, Narendra Modi stopped it. Now it appears that media has concentrated to have a little cut from the 400 lakhs Crore rupees of Nehruvian Congis and its allies in foreign banks. The result is that the most media is concentrating as to how any damn matter can be linked with Modi to derogate him. It is now a matter of rat race as to who applies its head and how frequently.

    Modi has broken many records on development and HRD. After all it is matter of survival, more specifically and specially for Nehruvian Congress and media.

  • sandip

    Hey, how do you write such stuff man!! Fantastic articles!

  • Amith Kumar

    Kudos mate…one of the best articles i’ve ever read :)
    wat kind of sens of humour man…absolutoe awesomeness :D :D :D