Team India celebrates series victory on Facebook


Hours after wrapping up a series victory over New Zealand, Team India hung out on Facebook to celebrate their victory. Pujara staked his claim to fill the shoes of Mr. Dravid, questions were asked of some others, and the first signs of the possible end of an era emerged during the post-mortem on the popular social networking site. The Unreal Times cricket correspondent Ramesh Pawar was at hand to click a few snapshots:

UnReal Mama

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Ek chatur naar badee hoshiyaar, apane hee jaal me phasat jaat ham hasat jaat are ho ho ho ho ho!

  • Arpan


    Sachin: I will retire after I have doubled my total century tally at present. After that, I will join you in the commentry box, Sourav. Shouldn’t bee too long. A couple of decades???

  • Raman

    Ha Ha Ha!!!!
    Another master piece. I really like you Facebook page spoofs. Sunil Gavaskar likes this Ha Ha Ha, too good, please keep these coming.