Sonia Gandhi wins Karunanidhi’s heart by correctly pronouncing Kanimozhi, cements Congress DMK ties


In what is being hailed as an act of sheer political genius and a game-changer as far as Congress-DMK ties are concerned, Congress President Smt. Sonia Gandhi pulled off the stupendous feat of managing to correctly pronounce the name of Karunanidhi’s daughter, Kanimozhi, especially the ‘zh’ part, while holding routine discussions with the DMK supermo when the latter called on her.

Karunanaidhi was so moved that for the first time a non-Tamizhan, let alone a non-Indian origin, leader had correctly pronounced his beloved daughter’s name that his eyes welled up with tears, according to witnesses.

The DMK chief has now pledged unconditional, eternal support to the Congress and penned a poem in honour of the Congress chief:

More loving than the cow to her calf can be,

More bountiful than the waters of the Cauvery,

Sweeter than the halwa of Tirunelveli

That is what you are for correctly pronouncing Kanimozhi

The Kalaignar said all is forgiven between him and the Congress after Sonia’s act of statesmanship. “It wasn’t Kani’s incarceration during the 2G trial that saddened me. It was the manner in which her name was abused by leaders, news anchors, or party spokesman. If the English anchors were bad enough by referring to her as Kanimozee, the Hindi ones were worse, calling her Kanimochee. To suddenly have the Congress President take the pain to master the correct way of pronouncing her name, that is too much man,” he said in an emotionally wrought voice, before bursting into tears again.

Sonia’s incredible feat has stunned the polity, with accolades pouring in from many quarters. “What the…how did she manage to pull it off?” was veteran BJP leader Shri L K Advani’s reaction. CPIM leader Sitaram Yechury said he was still dazed that a non-Tamizhan had overcome this phonetic challenge to the tongue. “I am from Andhra but never in my life have I managed to get it right. How did she do it?” raved the politburo member. Even Mani Shankar Aiyar remarked incredulously, “Even I can’t get it right. Madam rocks and this time not because she belongs to the Nehru-Gandhi family.”

However, Sonia Gandhi preferred to be modest about her feat. “No big deal yaa. Such words are just as alien to me as Hindi words. So for me it’s just another day in the office,” she shrugged when contacted by The Unreal Times.

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  • pradeep arun

    what a feat for the person who cant properly prononce har own children;s names perfectly!

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    D. Manmohnshing ne fdi ko bulaya to meai vada karta hu ke meai use mar daluga jai hind….