Delhi High Court slams Nitin Gadkari for taking Digvijaya Singh seriously, invalidates legal notice


BJP President Nitin Gadkari, who has been on the offensive for the past few days, sending a legal notice to Congress General Secretary Digvijaya Singh, now finds himself embarrassed, as the Delhi High Court – in a major blow to the BJP – slammed him today for taking the matter seriously and invalidated his legal notice with immediate effect. The BJP President had sent a legal notice to the outspoken Congress General Secretary Digvijaya Singh for his “false and defamatory accusations” against the former in the coal scam.

Throwing more light on the unconventional judgement, Chief Justice Arjan Kumar Sikri averred, “I’m sorry to say this, but it is Mr. Nitin Gadkari who’s at fault here. He should’ve known the unwritten yet established rule that no one in the country has taken, takes or shall ever take Mr. Digvijaya Singh seriously, including members of his own party. His statements, if anything, present serious competition to top news satire websites like my favourite, The UnReal Times. But I have to admit that even you guys are no match for Mr. Singh. That being the case, it is Mr. Gadkari’s stupidity to have taken this matter into his own hands and to have pursued this legally.”

“Imagine yaar, can any court function properly, when the case is against a statement made by Mr. Digvijaya Singh? The entire court will become a laughter club, man! The court hereby rules this notice as….hahahaha…wait…I’m sorry, I happened to remember a funny statement made by him…okay, here we go again, ‘The court hereby rules this notice as invalid effective right now and remands the complainant to the custody of his nearest laughter club for 2 days! ” said Sikri, before bursting into laughter on recollecting more of Diggy’s statements.

A visibly crestfallen Gadkari was heard saying, “Abe, idhar thoda garam samose lao na bhai… Ahh, I feel better now! Actually, I myself never take Digvijaya Singh seriously. However, with a lot of people pointing out that the BJP leadership is ineffective, I felt the need to prove myself as a heavyweight, no pun intended. I thought I’d display some guts by taking the Congress general secretary head on, even though a head is something which he is widely perceived not to have. Little did I know that his comedy is so endearing that even the judiciary doesn’t take him seriously. I should’ve learned from Subramanian Swamy, who, despite going after every Congress minister, has left Singh alone. I now understand why. Anyway, I think I’ll play safe henceforth by slamming Rahul Gandhi, as it looks like no matter how much the prices of fuel and commodities increase, he is never going to discuss anything,” said the BJP President before hollering, “Abe, thode aur samose lao!

Anti-corruption activist Arvind Kejriwal too has reportedly instructed his followers to gherao the residences of every Congress leader, except Singh’s. “Dude, If they go to his house, he is bound to say something that will make them forget the gravity of our cause and roll on the floor laughing. I myself struggle to maintain a serious countenance around him and have come very close to breaking into fits of uncontrollable laughter whenever he called me an RSS agent,” said the former IRS officer.

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