Manmohan Singh’s Gmail account hacked


Dr. Manmohan Singh, who prefers to use his gmail account,, to hold policy discussions with colleagues was in for a rude shock after his account was hacked and snapshots of his confidential correspondence leaked to the public:

(Click on the image for a larger version)

Snapshot of Dr. Singh's gmail inbox (Click for larger version)

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  • Arpan

    Loved the playlist. I’m thinking of downloading silence.mp3 myself!! LOL!!!

    • Hitler Swamy

      Thanks Arpan! :)

  • Arpita

    Very clever Mr. Hitler :)

  • Hitler Swamy

    Thanks Arpita. Why not make “Silence of the Lambs – 2″ with the lead as “u-kno-who” ;).

  • Shakeel

    Awesome dude. Great creativity.