Nigerian scam perpetrators now pose as DLF agents promising fantastic returns to dupe people


Thousands of internet con-men based in Nigeria, infamously known as the “Nigerian scamsters“, have modified their modus operandi and have begun to pose as DLF agents, in the wake of news about a seemingly controversial business deal between so called businessman Robert Vadra, and real estate company DLF, in which the latter extended an interest-free, unsecured loan in addition to underpriced properties to the Nehru-Gandhi damaad, for no reason whatsoever.

Speaking to Tintin Ongondo alias Lombode Zondeki, our uber-skilled investigative undercover reporter for The UnReal Times in Nigeria on the strict condition of anonymity, a scamster said, “Yeah dude! This Vadra-DLF deal is some seriously cool sh*t… 50 lakh to 300 crores… Holy f***! Even we don’t con people with such amounts, yo! We’ve gotta become DLF imposters as soon as possible – people gonna fall for this sh*t like crazy, baby! Tintin, you can be our partner in this venture… All you gotta do is hand us a check of 1000 USD right now and we’ll give you 20% of… hey stop! where you going?! Stop! Holy f***!” before firing a round of bullets at Zondeki, who valiantly fled from the scene with a gunshot wound to his right leg.

When Zondeki was reminded that he had to be fast in feeding details as his IP address may be tracked, he said, “Damn you guys! This is why I hate ma job! I ain’t havin no fun! Anyway, here’s the email. It reads – Greetings from DLF! Become like Robert Vadra in 7 days! I’ve sent it to you guys. I’m getting ma a$$ outta here! Ciao!”

The UnReal Times, in keeping with its commitment to be at the front-lines of investigative journalism, brings to its readers an excerpt of the latest version of the Nigerian scam email doing the rounds:

Subject: Greetings from DLF! Become like Robert Vadra in 7 days!

Dear Respected One, 


Permit me to inform you of my desire of going into business relationship with you. I got your contact from the DLF IPL official Facebook page. I prayed over it and selected your name among other names due to its esteeming nature and the recommendations given to me as a reputable and trust worthy person I can do business with and by the recommendations I must not hesitate to confide in you for this simple and sincere business.

I am the personal banker of Robert Vadra, the highly wealthy son-in-law of a highly affluent political family in India. He was sipping a cup of coffee the other day when an official from the DLF real estate agency secretly called him on his cellphone and told him that through me, they can make his account balance of 50 lakh INR turn into a sum of 300 Crore INR, stored safely in a suspense account in a local Bank in Abidjan, Nigeria.

You, sir, as a valued DLF business partner, can look forward to similar returns. All you need to do is wire-transfer a sum of 50 lakh INR or how much ever you can spare to the following bank-account..

For the full email, please tune into The UnReal Hour with Ashwin Goswami tonight at 9 pm, where you will see all the cameras focus on the email in Ashwin’s hands. We owe a huge debt of gratitude to the steel-nerved Zondeki and salute his bravery.

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