Madhur Bhandarkar announces new movie ‘Press Conference’ based on Khurshid saga starring Salman Khan


Bollywood’s ace filmmaker and National Award winner Madhur Bhandarkar, unfazed by the mixed response to his recent outing, “Heroine”, has announced his next movie, titled “Press Conference”. The director, known for his penchant for highly realistic stories and stark portrayals of various industry segments, has been inspired by Union Law Minister Salman Khurshid’s highly dramatic press conference today and has decided to develop his own version of it.

“First of all, I must admit I was a bit put off by the response to Heroine yaar. I was really at the crossroads – I was wondering whether or not audiences will even come to watch my films hereafter. Watching Salman Khurshid bhai in action today gave me a brainwave like never before and quashed all my fears. Has there ever been such high-voltage action, drama and charged emotion in a press conference? Never! This one had it all. The entertainment industry will soon have to fold up if such press conferences are held on a regular basis. I want to capitalize on this when it is still making news and leverage the situation as much as possible to my advantage,” said Bhandarkar.

When asked if he has decided on the star cast of the movie, Bhandarkar said “Nothing has been finalized yet. But I’m looking forward to cast Salman Khan to play the role of Khurshid – couldn’t think of anyone else yaar! As for Louise Khurshid, there’s no second choice – Katrina is who I have in mind. If she doesn’t join, I’ll have to look at Sonakshi Sinha. I still have to think about the rest of the cast, but I’m thinking that if Shah Rukh Khan plays the role of Arvind Kejriwal, it will be just perfect – the bad blood, hatred and enmity in real life will translate so damn well on screen, that it will make Kejriwal and Khurshid’s battle look like child’s play. However, if he backs out, I might look at Viveik Oberoi.”

When quizzed whether there will be an item number, Madhur said, “Yeah definitely! An item number was the only thing missing in today’s press conference. I’ll fill up that void in my film. Hopefully Poonam Pandey will agree!”

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  • Vij

    Hilarious Ashwin! Excellent movie poster ! The satire could have been a little longer, but I understand your constraints for time considering Kejriwal releasing more sproof tomorrow. For a moment I thought SRK and AK look so much alike with that cap. Sallu here and Sallu there comes imperatively.

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      thank you :)

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