Dawood Ibrahim sues Google after search result shows Emraan Hashmi’s picture


Dawood Ibrahim today sent a legal notice to Google, suing the Search giant for defamation after Emraan Hashmi’s picture appeared next to his bio on a Google search result.

Still seething with anger when The UnReal Times’ reporter Darkha Butt rang him up for a comment, Dawood said, “I still cannot believe this is happening to a self-respecting man like me. Can you even imagine what a horrifying experience this has been to a family man like me? How will I explain this to my children? My wife is refusing to let me into the house. This is by far the worst day of my life.”

When The UnReal Times quizzed him on how he chanced upon this, he said, “I was browsing internet for some new Pakistani porr…I mean for some posh properties and stuff. Then out of curiosity, I googled my name. To see Emraan Hashmi’s photo next to my bio was just… just… words can’t do justice to how I felt. One second I am on top of the world and the next, the whole world came down crashing upon me.”

“I mean there are so many heroes in Bollywood who pretend to be true family men. I wouldn’t have minded even if it was Ajay Devgn. Anyone of them would have been better than Emraan Hashmi. Oh God! How am I ever going to get through this nightmare. I am sure this was done by some motivated forces in Indian Intelligence agencies. Those agencies, I tell you, have no class at all. They are always hitting below the belt and trying to deride an honest underworld don,” an extremely emotional Dawood said.

After calming down a little, he said, “Miyan Javed Miandad had called me last night at 3AM and he was crying uncontrollably. He called me so many god-forbidden things. He is threatening to beat me up with a cricket bat now for ruining his daughter’s life and his family’s name by getting bracketed with Hashmi.”

“I am a great believer in keeping my affairs – business, personal and even my enemies – underground. My life has been a non-stop struggle to get respect from people and just by this one indiscretion, they have maligned me forever. I mean your country might have discarded me, but Pakistan and UAE have adored me and treated me better than they do their own. Now I have suddenly become a citizen of no man’s land,” he said.

He ended the call on an ominous note saying, “I am not going to let Google off easily. I am going to sue the hell out of them and I am also making some moves underground. They wouldn’t know what hit them.”

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