Mamata Banerjee stirs demand for separate state for women ‘Mahila Pradesh’


After a keen and insightful observation that most rapes in India were happening because men and women interacted freely with each other, Mamata Banerjee has done many hapless ladies another world of good, by demanding a separate state for them.

“There have been stirs for new states based on ethnicity, culture etc, now it’s time to push it to the next level with separation based on gender. I will do everything possible to keep the peepul of Bengal safe. I demand a separate ‘Mahila Pradesh’ for our women,” roared the TMC leader.

When asked how exactly the plan was supposed to work, Didi first sported the are-you-retarded look, before enlightening the crowd. “What’s there to explain here? Separate states for women would mean no interaction with males, no obscene gestures like holding hands or sitting together.  Once we fix this root cause, the rapes will soon be history” she proclaimed.

Dismissive of the insensitive media who brazenly report such incidents, rather than trying to hide them, she added “After cutting down on the rapes, we can also vastly reduce the news pollution that has been choking us because of it.” Elaborating further on what the term ‘news pollution’ meant, she added, “Instances of rape happening every day, is not a big deal, but reporting it every other day is appalling. We all know that the settings we live in are negative, then what’s the point in repeating the obvious?”

This UnReal reporter upon asking what was wrong with reporting the wrongs in the nation had a fitting reply in store. “The media only focuses on the 1 or 2 rapes that happen daily, what about the million other women who spend their day safely? No one cares to report about them, do they?” the minister barked.

However, the new state came with a rider. It would take full responsibility of the inhabitant’s safety till the age of 16, after which all girls will be mandatorily married off. A high level meet between the women ministers of West Bengal and Haryana was convened to settle the nuances of the upcoming territory.

Bihar CM said he has no problems with Mamata’s demand for special state for women provided it does not come at the cost of special status for Bihar.

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