Beni and Digvijay to co-host a comedy show ‘Political Circus’


Amid the tense environment of scams and corruption, Congress Jokespersons, Beni Prasad Verma and Digvijay Singh, have decided to lighten the mood by launching a brand new comedy show on the lines of ‘Comedy Circus’.

The joint statement by Beni and Diggy stated: “The idea struck us when we realized that people anyways laugh at our serious comments. So why not harness our inherent capability into a commercial opportunity. Moreover, here we would not be restrained by any ethical code so the viewers would get to see the real stuff, the preview of which they would have seen in our press conferences.”

Digvijay, who pioneered humorous ‘one-liners’ in politics, has till now been able to lead the race amid stiff competition from Beni, Laloo and Mulayam. Digvijay had initially thought of featuring in the show all alone but after Beni’s ‘71 lakh too less for cabinet minister’ comment, he recognized Beni’s potential and invited the Union Minister to star alongside him.

When asked about ongoing preparations and rehearsals, Digvijay shot back, “Do we need any preparations? What we need is to behave as our real-selves and rest would be history. As long as we have Rahul Baba’s blessings with us, nothing can stop the show from becoming a big hit.”

The show is also planning to induce a 5 minutes ‘Hall of Shame’ session that will showcase special snippets, starting with Sibal and Chidambram’s presentation of the ‘zero loss theory’. Other stories would include Shivpal Yadav stating ‘Bribe is directly proportional to work done’ and Sonia Gandhi with her invention ‘Silent Singh’. The show would play some pre-recorded audios and videos of eminent personalities such as Amar Singh, Abhishek Manu Sanghvi etc.

Meanwhile, the Facebook wall of Rahul Gandhi is flooded with requests to be a part on the show.  When an excited Rahul Gandhi wondered on his wall if he has the content to make people laugh, the fans assured him by saying, “Just speak about something. Anything.”


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