Neuroscientists discover that the average Indian brain does not process the word ‘scam’ anymore


Neuroscientists have discovered that Indian brains no longer process the word ‘scam’ anymore due to the sheer overload of information on the topic.  The news comes as a result of extensive research conducted over a period of six months by the Neurosciences Centre in AIIMS.

Scientists studying neural activity from images obtained through various CT scans noticed that their brains did not exhibit any kind of response when they read through the words scam and corruption while for the other words the response was normal.

The neurologists then hypothesized that the cerebral cortex which processes, analyses and interprets the information seems to filter the word ‘scam’ from the data it processes. Avid readers with interest in politics were chosen as subjects, and provided with news reports from the last 6 months information with words such as scam, corruption and honesty featuring in them predominantly to verify the preliminary findings.

“The average human brain tends to become numb when bombarded with the same type of information over and over again. Our research revealed that the word scam has appeared about 155,495,785 times in both print, electronic and the social media in India over the past 6 months. This could have induced brain to reject the word without processing it,” disclosed Dr. S D Sharma, head of the Centre, during a press conference.

“We wanted to do more extensive research on the subject, but the words such as scam and corruption appear so frequently that we would have had to mobilise additional resources from our end to process the voluminous amount of data. Hence, we confined our sample size to the last 6 months only to empirically establish our hypothesis,” he added.

Congress leader Digvijay Singh, while hailing the findings, hoped IAC activist Kejriwal would draw the right lessons from it. “Scientists have confirmed what veteran politicians knew all along. Kejriwal ji should now stop flogging the dead horse called corruption and move on to richer themes such as identity politics and secularism. People have clearly become numb to his anti-corruption campaign,” observed Diggy, with a twinkle in his eye.


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