Nitin Gadkari meme

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After our debut meme of Rahul Gandhi, in the interests of neutrality, secularism, pseudo secularism and other such bombastic words, The Unreal Times decided that BJP President Nitin Gadkari must have one as well. So, here we are:

(With inputs from Ashwin Kumar and Diogeneb)

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  • Prakash

    Bahut acche.:-)

  • Andy

    Uncontrolled laugh.

  • S Surya

    I think this is the most realistic post that the UnReal Times has come up with. At the same time, it is hilarious.

  • shitiz bansal

    very innovative stuff you guys write

  • Andy

    The meme is really good. Are there more for other personalities? Interesting would be

    LK Advani
    Diggi (hehe, hehehe)

    Difficult to match this level of humor would be

    Nitish Kumar
    Pranab Mukharjee