Nitin Gadkari’s pet dog, Gundu, also found registered as a director in his company

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More skeletons continue to tumble out of Nitin Gadkari’s closet with news reports surfacing that, in addition to his driver, accountant, employees and friend’s son, his 5 year old Great Dane, Gundu, is also registered as a director of one of the firms that had invested in the BJP President’s Purti Group of companies. Motu Gadbadi, the investigative reporter for The UnReal Times, quickly managed to discover Gundu’s letters of appointment among other relevant documents, which clearly had the canine’s paw impression in place of signatures.

Gadbadi was however too intimidated by Gundu’s ferocity and size. To make matters worse, Gadkari noticed Gadbadi lurking around and unleashed Gundu, who chased Gadbadi mercilessly around the park until the latter hid behind a portrait of Congress General Secretary Digvijaya Singh. According to a highly surprised Gadbadi, Gundu ran back to his kennel as fast as he could, upon seeing Diggy’s portrait.

Nitin Gadkari says he or Gundu have not violated any law and are willing to be investigated by a competent authority. “Gundu is one of my closest aides. In fact, he’s my best friend. So what’s wrong if I nominate him as director? Please stop picking on him just because he happens to be the underdog,” he maintained, with the caveat that, “ if Gundu is investigated, so should Vadra.”

Digvijay Singh has challenged Gundu to an open debate to settle the ‘who is more corrupt? BJP or Congress’ question once and for all.

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    According to a highly surprised Gadbadi, Gundu ran back to his kennel as fast as he could, upon seeing Diggy’s portrait.

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    11:00 pm our correspondent is comfortably ogling the voluptous cashier,while the security guard is looking fornew places to spit his paan.yoyo money singh deliberately drops a 500 rs note to watch the bebe bend over.nobody notices a stylish looking ipad weilding man entering the building.
    11:10 the man directly goes to the cashier unmindful of the curses of the peaple standing in the queue.he suddenly brandishes his ipad a gestures moderately.yyms,not to be left behind brandishes his own customised ipad to match his competitor.seeing this drama an oldie in the crowd mutters.”idiots,i have 50 different tablets in my pocket right now.”
    11:20 things start getting ugly.the man is threatening d cashier to hand him the money.the security guard finally spots a previously unspat step of the buliding and spits his paan with amazing advances to the man…….suddenly the man shouts”one more step,ill start playing ravi shastri clinches all of them,one after the other”this causes tremendous panic among the earlier amused crowd.some people discovered that the building security actually slam shut due to an alarm.yyms initially thought of being a hero,but this threat was too much even for him.the secutity guard cotton stuffs his ears and advances toward the man again.suddenly the man shouts again”i will play videos of sachin getting bowled thru d gate if u take one more step”.this proved to be a enough deterrent to the guard who gives up all hope and drops his fake gun onto the floor.meanwhile the cashier starts filling a gunny bag with cash. Saying the usual “sorry sir no plastic bags”
    11:40 while it looked that the robber had unaccounted 4 the non cricket fans,he suddenly shouted,”if anybody acts smart,i will play srk eating curds+noodles scene from….
    11:55 police r least bothered as they have been instructed only to fulfill the needs of the ‘influential people’…the cashier hands him the gunny bag ..while yyms(yoyo money singh) watches on..the man walks out merrily….a smiling cashier places her hand on yyms hand and says reassuringly..”relax,its only 71 lakh”

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