“Counter-strike” makers to launch new computer game, “Counter-sting”, based on Jindal-Zee TV faceoff


Naveen Jindal and his team with their sting-cameras on this CS poster

The ongoing battle of stings and counter-stings between Naveen Jindal and Zee TV has inspired Valve Corporation, the makers of the legendary computer game “Counter-strike” to follow it up with a new one, titled “Counter-sting”. A joint announcement was made a few hours ago, by developers Minh “Gooseman” Le and Jess “Cliffe” Cliffe .

“We’re a bit tired of making various versions of Counter-strike, all involving the same shootout theme. We wanted to do something different; something that has a bit more sneakiness and a bit less violence. We had been thinking about it for a few days, when we stumbled upon the perfect story today, in the Jindal and Zee TV episode. We’ll soon be developing this into a game. The player can get to be either a Jindal executive or a Zee TV agent. If he plays a Jindal executive, he has to successfully plot a counter-sting against Zee TV before the Zee team plots its own sting. If you’re a Zee TV agent, you’ve got to defuse Team Jindal’s counter-sting and blow up Jindal’s credibility before your own credibility blows up. It’s gonna be one hell of a game, a supreme test of strategy and tactics – more brain than brawn,” said Cliffe.

“We spoke to Jindal as well as Zee TV about this and they’re extremely thrilled. They’ve decided to call off their battle and partake with sufficient shares of the revenue generated by this game. In fact, Naveen has been kind enough to take time off his busy schedule to shoot a 10 second promo for Counter-Sting, where he’s seen yelling ‘Go Go Go’ to his team-mates on radio,” Le added.

The development however, hasn’t gone down well with India TV. “This is not on man. We are the king of stings, and this game ought to have been made on us,” cried India TV chairman Rajat Sharma. India TV has now approached EA sports to make a mystery game about finding out match-fixing culprits. “That’s right. We have all the know-how necessary for them to make a wonderful game about match-fixing. In fact, I’ve suggested a sequel too – a game version of ‘Aap ki Adalat‘ where the player can play me, the prosecutor and declare the fixers guilty,” added Rajat Sharma.

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