In pictures: SM Krishna’s resignation as External Affairs Minister


With two days to go for the reshuffle in the Union Cabinet, minister for external affairs, SM Krishna, submitted his resignation, sparking speculation if Nehru-Gandhi scion Rahul Gandhi would finally enter the Cabinet as the External Affairs Minister. The Unreal Times‘ photographer, Pagal Photukaar, was at hand to capture the story in pictures:
















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  • Jitendra Desai

    Pakistanis will miss him more than MEA.

  • Brawn, brain and sane

    Dear author,
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    This article completely _ _ _ _ _ _ me over….. Now fill the blanks with the following clues…
    1. Im walking back 2 d pavilion
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  • adam milne

    Part II

    Rahul baba goes crying to Mama

    Salman Kurshid, who is around says “Let me deal with that guttersnipe. Let him come to the coffe shop. How will he go back? I have been told to use ink, but now the time has come to use blood.”

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    Awesome stuff!! :)

    • Ashwin

      thanks!! :)

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      thank u !!!! :)

  • Arun Madhav

    How did I miss this! Excellent, superb! And spl thanks to Bilawal, we need RG as the PM only, no less, in the unreal times.

  • Harish

    Awwwsomee :)