After Toronto ordeal, Pakistan cricket legend Imran Khan to star in a movie “My name is Imran Khan”


Cricketer-turned-politician Imran Khan has confirmed the reports that he is all ready to debut in a movie titled “My name is Imran Khan” after he was taken off a US bound flight at Toronto airport and questioned about his views on drones and jihad. The movie will be bankrolled by Khan’s Pakistan Tehrik-e-Insaaf party. The move is seen as a step to bring Lollywood cinema (the Lahore film industry) on par with the cheesy fare dished out by Bollywood.

Explaining the reason for starting a new innings on celluloid after excelling in cricket and politics, the charismatic former Pakistan cricketer said, “Well, as you all know, my recent ordeal bore uncanny resemblance to the harebrained plot of Kjo’s ‘My Name is Khan’. And then it struck me that I happen to be the big daddy of Khans, whether it be in looks, intellect, achievement or athleticism. So I decided why not let audiences get to see a real Khan on the screen. The genuine article so to speak, as opposed to ersatz Bollywood Khanlets.”

Movie pundits reckon that “My name is Imran Khan” (with the byline ‘and I probably admire the Taliban’) is a block-buster in the making. “Going by Imran’s track-record with the fairer sex, the movie should pull in chicks to the theaters from not just the sub-continent but across all former British colonies from Christchurch to Basutoland, Kandy to Karachi, Kingstown to Kent. For that matter, non British colonies too which means the entire world,” opines Talat Hussain, a Mumbai based film critic.

Khan’s foray into movies has been lauded by Pakistan Army and ISI as it is in Pakistan’s national interest. Pakistan Army Chief Kayani said, “Sick of watching movies like ‘Ek tha Tiger’ and ‘Agent Vinod’ showing Indian Khans playing RAW officers pataoing cute ISI agents played by Bollywood bombshells, man. Hope Imran sets the record straight by playing a Pakistan playboy wooing Indian RAW chicks and bringing them over to our side.”

Bollywood producers are lining up to sign the charismatic World Cup winning captain also. Goldie Behl was the first off the blocks to get the great Khan to sign up for “Drone”, the sequel to his Abhishek Bachchan dud, “Drona”. However, one particular Bollywood personality is none too pleased with the developments: Bollywood actor, Imran Khan.

“If Imran uncle enters the industry, then I can kiss good bye to my career, man. I mean who will want to watch my movies after he gets into the fray. Maybe I can play the teenage Imran Khan in his movies after that,” wailed the Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na star.

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  • Jitendra Desai

    You missed out on a prequel that was made by him titled “My Name Is Genghis Khan” based on life and times of original Khan from Mongolia.

    • Anand Walunjkar

      Hmm, Next time, will do more research on my subject before writing.

  • Pankaj

    Nice one Anand.
    Had never noticed this piece of news about Imran Khan.

    • Anand Walunjkar

      Thanks Pankaj.

  • rs

    Being critical of US policy doesn’t make one an admirer of Taliban. We in India often willfully forget that not all Pakistanis are either pro-western liberals or pro-Talibani extremists. There is a population in between those two extremes too.

  • Selfproclaimedaethist

    Well done anand sir,
    well said rs