Sam Pitroda holds Twitter meet to seek legal remedy against Subramanian Swamy


Prime Minister’s adviser Sam Pitroda held another impromptu Twitter meet today, to seek legal options against Janata party president and anti-corruption crusader Dr.Subramanian Swamy.

“We want to keep all our options open. I’m now holding a meet on Twitter under the hashtag #SueSwamy. The meet will see eminent Indian lawyers who are on Twitter offering their suggestions and various possibilities to sue @Swamy39,” tweeted Pitroda, thus beginning the meet. However, barring a few relevant responses, the meet saw a barrage of completely unrelated tweets, indicating that it went horribly wrong. Pradyuman Jasooswala, our cyber-correspondent for The UnReal Times, was quick enough in compiling a few key tweets that formed the highlights of the meet.

@swamy39: @pitrodasam LOL! Should be fun! PTs, let’s hold a twitter meet to discuss #PitrodaHairStyle

@shashitharoor: @swamy39 His hair is gray, he loves it, but you need2have gray hair2understand that!

@pitrodasam: Hehe! Good one @shashitharoor. Thanks!

@mukhtarAbbasNaqvi: @shashitharoor should be made MoS for Hair affairs! what say, guys? no one can flick hair better than him, eh?

@shashitharoor: @mukhtarAbbasNaqvi Being an MoS for Hair affairs is better than being a CM with hair transplant affairs & yes, my wife is priceless, I love her!

@sunanda_pushkar: Awww, <3 u too @shashitharoor !

@sagarikaghose: Is @swamy39 ’s comment on #Pitrodahairstyle an attack on the fashion sense of manhood? FTN at 10 pm tonight.

@sagarikaghose: Don’t miss India’s modern, fashionable man @pitrodasam on FTN at 10 pm tonight.

@digvijaya_28: I strongly condemn @Swamy39‘s attack on @pitrodasam. He should explain his own hairstyle first.

@DrBatra: @digvijaya_28 Get hair like #PitrodaHairStyle in 10 days! Only at @DrBatrasclinic!

@kalaignar89: @DrBatra  Thambi, enna pa idhu? Tell me more!

@ravi_the_indian: Looks like @kartiPC‘s spectacles have more power than @pitrodasam‘s

@kartiPC: That’s it! Arrest him, cops! Freedom of speech is subject to reasonable restrictions..especially on comments about my power!

@rahul_gandhi: @pitrodasam Don’t worry uncle! We can file a second defamation case against @swamy39 for this, can’t we?!

@pitrodasam: @rahul_gandhi *facepalm*

@Swamy39: @rahul_gandhi Bwahahaha! Don’t forget to drink your junior horlicks before coming to court, buddhu!

@narendramodi: @rahul_gandhi Hahaha! Yeh kya paagalpan hai, bacche ? @swamy39 ji, advance mein badhaai ho!

@Joke_of_the_year: LMAO! RT @rahul_gandhi: @pitrodasam Don’t worry uncle! We can file a second defamation case against @swamy39 for this!

@PMOIndia: @rahul_gandhi : ROFL !

@Sonia_Gandhi: @PMOIndia: Manmohan ji ??!! :O

@PMOIndia: @Sonia_Gandhi: Sorry madamji, I swear to God it wasn’t me! Must have been my nephew!

@ImRaina: @PMOIndia: It’s time I got a copyright on that excuse! :| Would have made enough money to quit cricket and avoid those bleddy bouncers

@rameshsrivats: So Rahul Gandhi wants to sue Subramanian Swamy twice. In other words, he wants to sue-sue. #SelfSue

@ArvindKejriwal7: it’s the season of hair-styles making news. Thinking of exposing fake hair-styles of some biggies! #PitrodaHairStyle

@SrBachchan: @ArvindKejriwal7: T-666 Oh dear! *Gulp*

@SM_Krishna: @ArvindKejriwal7: OMG ! :O

@sardesairajdeep: Sigh! One person who is safely away from hairstyle attacks & madness - @rameshsrivats. Gnight.

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