Sam Pitroda holds Twitter meet to seek legal remedy against Subramanian Swamy

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Prime Minister’s adviser Sam Pitroda held another impromptu Twitter meet today, to seek legal options against Janata party president and anti-corruption crusader Dr.Subramanian Swamy.

“We want to keep all our options open. I’m now holding a meet on Twitter under the hashtag #SueSwamy. The meet will see eminent Indian lawyers who are on Twitter offering their suggestions and various possibilities to sue @Swamy39,” tweeted Pitroda, thus beginning the meet. However, barring a few relevant responses, the meet saw a barrage of completely unrelated tweets, indicating that it went horribly wrong. Pradyuman Jasooswala, our cyber-correspondent for The UnReal Times, was quick enough in compiling a few key tweets that formed the highlights of the meet.

@swamy39: @pitrodasam LOL! Should be fun! PTs, let’s hold a twitter meet to discuss #PitrodaHairStyle

@shashitharoor: @swamy39 His hair is gray, he loves it, but you need2have gray hair2understand that!

@pitrodasam: Hehe! Good one @shashitharoor. Thanks!

@mukhtarAbbasNaqvi: @shashitharoor should be made MoS for Hair affairs! what say, guys? no one can flick hair better than him, eh?

@shashitharoor: @mukhtarAbbasNaqvi Being an MoS for Hair affairs is better than being a CM with hair transplant affairs & yes, my wife is priceless, I love her!

@sunanda_pushkar: Awww, <3 u too @shashitharoor !

@sagarikaghose: Is @swamy39 ’s comment on #Pitrodahairstyle an attack on the fashion sense of manhood? FTN at 10 pm tonight.

@sagarikaghose: Don’t miss India’s modern, fashionable man @pitrodasam on FTN at 10 pm tonight.

@digvijaya_28: I strongly condemn @Swamy39‘s attack on @pitrodasam. He should explain his own hairstyle first.

@DrBatra: @digvijaya_28 Get hair like #PitrodaHairStyle in 10 days! Only at @DrBatrasclinic!

@kalaignar89: @DrBatra  Thambi, enna pa idhu? Tell me more!

@ravi_the_indian: Looks like @kartiPC‘s spectacles have more power than @pitrodasam‘s

@kartiPC: That’s it! Arrest him, cops! Freedom of speech is subject to reasonable restrictions..especially on comments about my power!

@rahul_gandhi: @pitrodasam Don’t worry uncle! We can file a second defamation case against @swamy39 for this, can’t we?!

@pitrodasam: @rahul_gandhi *facepalm*

@Swamy39: @rahul_gandhi Bwahahaha! Don’t forget to drink your junior horlicks before coming to court, buddhu!

@narendramodi: @rahul_gandhi Hahaha! Yeh kya paagalpan hai, bacche ? @swamy39 ji, advance mein badhaai ho!

@Joke_of_the_year: LMAO! RT @rahul_gandhi: @pitrodasam Don’t worry uncle! We can file a second defamation case against @swamy39 for this!

@PMOIndia: @rahul_gandhi : ROFL !

@Sonia_Gandhi: @PMOIndia: Manmohan ji ??!! :O

@PMOIndia: @Sonia_Gandhi: Sorry madamji, I swear to God it wasn’t me! Must have been my nephew!

@ImRaina: @PMOIndia: It’s time I got a copyright on that excuse! :| Would have made enough money to quit cricket and avoid those bleddy bouncers

@rameshsrivats: So Rahul Gandhi wants to sue Subramanian Swamy twice. In other words, he wants to sue-sue. #SelfSue

@ArvindKejriwal7: it’s the season of hair-styles making news. Thinking of exposing fake hair-styles of some biggies! #PitrodaHairStyle

@SrBachchan: @ArvindKejriwal7: T-666 Oh dear! *Gulp*

@SM_Krishna: @ArvindKejriwal7: OMG ! :O

@sardesairajdeep: Sigh! One person who is safely away from hairstyle attacks & madness - @rameshsrivats. Gnight.

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