Delhi HC sentences serial offender to rigorous punishment; made to book 50 Tatkal tickets on IRCTC


In what is being termed as one of the harshest sentences in Indian judicial history, the Delhi High Court has ordered Mr. Arun Sharma, a serial offender convicted for damage to railway property, to book over 50 Tatkal tickets online through the IRCTC online passenger reservation system.

Hon’ble Justice Kritpal Singh noted that though it was in excess of the punishment prescribed under the Prevention of Damage to Public Property Act and appeared severe at first glance, it was justified in that it promoted specific and general deterrence. “While I feel bad for subjecting the defendant to such harsh punishment,  it is hoped that a railway passenger thinks twice before despoiling railway property, lest he or she be subjected to similar torture,” gravely observed Justice Singh.

As soon as the judgment was announced, a shocked Mr. Sharma was heard screaming, ”nahin, please anything but this. What did I do to deserve this? Spare me this torture” as he was led away from the courtroom to undergo his sentence.

The sentencing has sent shock-waves across the country. Taking suo moto notice of the issue, the National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) has filed a review petition on behalf of the accused. “To punish someone by making him book railways tickets using the IRCTC server is inhumane and barbaric. There is no place for such forms of punishment in a civilized society. We have appealed to repeal the sentence since it is a direct infringement of the fundamental right to dignity under Article 21 of the Constitution,” said NHRC member, Shri Wajahat Habibullah.

Promptly acting on the review petition, a special bench of the Delhi High Court has set aside the earlier judgment, much to the relief of the accused and his kin. “Such punishments must be meted out only in the rarest of rare cases, under exceptional circumstances. We have therefore decided, on humanitarian grounds, to annul the earlier order and direct the authorities to release Mr. Sharma forthwith from the excruciating torture of dealing with the IRTC server,” read the order.

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    ROFL.. “making him book railways tickets using the IRCTC server is inhumane and barbaric.”

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    This is known as hitting 2 birds with one stone

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    The opposition parties have found this cruelty to mango people quite uncalled for.However,Leaders of the opposition in both the houses have promised that they will recommend similar ordeal through Hon Speaker and Hon VP,for the current incumbent Mr Pawan Bansal and former ministers of Railways,Ms Mamata Banerjee, Mr Lalu Yadav, Mr Trivedi, Mr Bharat Solanki etc in case of Railways increasing passenger fares as threatened by Mr Bansal.
    IRCTC guys in the meantime are delighted to find this out.They have gone in to huddle with the hardware guys to make it even more difficult for mangoes and even bananas to book tickets through this on line system.This appeared in line with IRCTC’s avowed objective of keeping maximum berths/seats under wraps for dispensing them to the highest bidders from among mango people,literally at 11th hour.[Reason why at New Delhi station itself,Aam Aadmi can get TATKAL berth to any destination with payment of additional Rs500/- to Rs1000/- to the touts]

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    50 tatkal tickets????FIFTY?????
    Thats equivalent to
    10 life sentences

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    Few days back i had decided never to book tickets 4m irctc jab tak hai jaan, jab tak hai jaan

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