Ram Jethmalani clarifies bad husband remark, says he referred to Ram Kapoor


Having caused much damage and embarrassment to his party, BJP leader Ram Jethmalani has clarified that his remark for bad husband was not made for Lord Ram, but for Ram Kapoor in the Ekta Kapoor television serial ‘Bade Ache Lagte Hai’. Earlier, he had been reported to call Ram, the protagonist of ‘Ramayana’ a bad husband for leaving his wife without any reason.

“I have been grossly misquoted. What I intended to say was that Ram Kapoor was a bad husband, because he left Priya and his cute little daughter Pihu alone. And that too without any reason. Can anyone amongst the audience tell me the reason of their separation when all was going well between the couple? Even Ekta Kapoor cannot. That’s why I do not like him,” said the senior lawyer.

Media was quick to catch the story with Barkha Dutt tweeting, “Ram Jethmalani takes shot at Ram Kapoor. Is the arrow pointed at Nitin Gadkari?” Sagarika Ghosh also tweeted, “Major embarrassment for BJP as its leader criticizes its President look-alike”. In the Newshour debate, Arnab Goswami thundered, “Nation seeks an answer Mr. Jethmalani. Is this the frustration of not able to change the BJP presidency that the jibes are now taken at Gadkari alikes?”

The explanation has met with further criticism from Managing Director of Balaji telefilms, Ekta Kapoor. “This is ridiculous. Ram Kapoor has been performing all the duties of a good husband. Right from helping her in the household chores to shopping, to his daughter’s admission and school picking, he has been performing extremely well. He has also started dieting to get in shape just for his wife. And remember that smooching scene between him and Priya? How can you accuse him of being bad?” said the lady producer.

However, the story has taken a new twist when the Leader of Opposition, Sushma Swaraj has vowed to take the matter in the forthcoming winter Parliament. She complained, “In this particular TV serial, Ram Kapoor has shown to be married more than once. Why is it that the attack in TV serials is only on Hindu beliefs and on names like Ram, Tulsi, Parvati? There are thousands of names, so why pick on these names? We demand this should be stopped.”

Meanwhile, RSS has expressed its displeasure over the whole issue. “Creating an alternative for Digvijay Singh in BJP in the form of Ram Jethmalani is an internal matter of the party and RSS will not interfere in that. But Ram Kapoor is seen with respect by so many Hindu families. So, be it Lord Ram or Ram Kapoor, Ram Jethmalani should put the matter to rest by apologizing,” said RSS spokesperson Ram Madhav in a press conference in Rampur.

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  • C.S.Ramalakshmi

    Ram Jethmalani talks of Law of evidence all the time,but why not apply the same logic to the Ramayana episode of Ramji abandoning Sitaji?For people of Ayodhya did not believe in Agni Pariksha that was done in Lanka, in front of ethinic bears,Monkeys and rakshas,the latter being considered uncivilised.
    Now, and always,marriage vows are sacred.Marriage in civilised world has come to be accepted with a code of discipline.It is this code of discipline that is called Lakshman Rekha.LOrd Ram is Maryada Purushottam,the Lord of Self discipline.
    In Dandakaranya,after 13 years,Sitaji longs to go back to Ayodhya.She pressurises Ramji to get that golden deer, so that she can flaunt it to Bharat when she goes back to Ayodhya.Alternately, she says, kill the deer and come,so that atleast we will make the deerskin a royal seat for us to sit on.So,royalty is what she has begun to miss.
    It is this loophole ,this yearning for urban niceties,that Ravan was clever to detect in her.He made the right moves.He entices her saying,why should a woman so ravishingly beautiful,get famished in the wilderness.He boasts of his prowess and power,giving her an indication that if Bharat refuses to give back the kingdom when they both go back to Ayodhya,he will take up their cause and redeem her husband’s rightful claim to the throne.
    Sitaji was only a housewife.She did not suspect this political vulture.
    She crossed the Lakshman Rekha, without offering any resistance.
    No force was applied on her to cross the Lakshman Rekha.
    Today,lawyers reconstruct the scene of crime.
    Not a wilted flower,not a bit of torn cloth, no evidence of stones being pelted,not even a blade of grass is misplaced.
    And why did she throw her jewels, ask the Ayodhya citizens.When she had the time to bundle her jewels, why did she not have the nerve to claw Ravan or pierce her teeth into his skin?
    So, was it abduction or enticement?
    Ravan had very cleverly lured an innocent woman.
    She had to undergo tests after tests to prove that was pure and innocent.
    On the battlefield, Lord ram says:women cannot be protected by forts, moats,palanquins and long overflowing dresses.It is only her ‘preparedness in danger’that will save her.
    As a kshatriya lady, who lifted and tossed Rudra ‘s bow with her left hand, why did she not have the bravery to defend or even kill Ravan?
    In order to make her strong, Lord Ram sent her to valmiki’s ashram.
    He wanted to give message to the world that women should not expect husbands to stand vigil for 24 hours.Women should be vigilant themselves.That is why, he sent her to life of austerity and hard work.In palace life and in protected existence,women wont realise their full potential.Actually, I see Lord Ram as a great friend of the modern woman.He says, no need to wear long dresses,or cover their selves with duppatta.So, even jean clad young women can be the best of Ram Bhakthas.
    Later in Ayodhya too,Lord Ram tried his best to protect her image.He even held her on his lap, and not on the throne, because the throne was public property, representing the mandate of the people.Sitaji could jolly well sit on his lap as his dear wife.
    But tongues began to wag.
    And remember kaikeyi was still there.She would again raise the claim to throne,based on the tarnished image of Sita,for having lived in an enemy camp for ten months.And again the succession battle?God Forbid!
    Even today,wherever Monarchy is there,the credentials of the King’s Consort has to be spotlessly bonafide.Remember Queen Elizabeth staying away from Prince Charles’s wedding to Camilla Parker at the Church.Royalty always have to be careful in setting precedents.because even future (unborn) heirs to the throne have to be protected.
    Please remember,Lord Ram was justice (Dharma) incarnate.
    Any group leader, any CEO will tell you, that for the sake of the larger Group morale, one individual’s interests will be sacrificed
    All legal knowledge, all knowledge stems from him.
    He always knows what is right.
    No need for any defense.
    Ramji was perfect husband.He travelled 2000 kms to search for his beloved.
    But when he became the Caregiver to the Nation,he became an unpopular husband to some people’s understanding.Even then Sitaji was under protection of Valmiki.She was not kept in want.She was well provided.She was asked to lead an austere life to prove a point.That is all.Austerity and abandonment are not synonymous.Austerity strengthens any human being.
    Ram ji also showed he was a spotless spouse by having the Kanchan Sita by his side.
    It was a lesson, a standing warning to gossip mongers in his kingC.S.ramalakshmidom, that unnecessary doubts regarding a woman should be raised.

  • C.S.Ramalakshmi

    Kindly make the correction:Unnecessary doubts should not be raised.