Roger Federer to organize the Swiss Open for Indian Swiss bank account holders


The living legend of Tennis, Swiss national Roger Federer, announced today that he will be organizing the Swiss Open, an open Tennis tournament for Indian Swiss bank account holders, so as to raise funds for his Roger Federer Foundation. Walking out to the press conference with a racquet in his hand with MRF imprinted on the handle, he revealed his plans, “I was watching TV when suddenly I came across some Indian guy called Kejriwal indicating that there are at least 700 famous Indian biggies with high worth Swiss bank accounts and I was like wow! Are they that rich! Then this idea of organizing a tennis tournament with all of them struck me.”

With not much of an emotion on his face as usual, he continued, “This is a well thought out decision. If they could manage to earn thousands of crores of rupees so easily, I guess their backhands (Left Hand Earning) must be really good. Also, considering the finesse with which they drop the rules of their country, their drop shots should prove to be fatal to the opponent.”

Taking about the other arrangements, he added, “With more than 700 contenders to choose from, I might have to go for try outs. I am thinking of using round shaped mangoes as balls and tender banana stems as racquets for the try outs to have the business tycoons get the feel of tennis. Leander Paes has promised to help me on this. Of course, people with more than 2000 crores in a Swiss bank would be given wild card. We will use the Basel stadium for this event and Indian government has been kind enough to pay for the construction of the convertible roof cover.”

On hearing Paes’ engagement with such a big event, Mahesh Bhupathi and Rohan Bopanna have approached State Bank of India to launch a similar tennis tournament with SBI account holders. But, offended with Kejriwal’s allegations of red-tapeism, SBI has decided to concentrate on proving him wrong and has roped in Rohit Sharma as their brand ambassador. As per their new ‘Beat Sharma!’ challenge, if SBI fails to open a bank account for a new customer before an entire Rohit Sharma innings, it will be liable to compensate the customer with Swiss chocolates.

BCCI, on the other hand, has requested Federer to have this competition after the India-England Test series as Sachin’s presence would make a big difference to the dressing room.

When Mukesh Abmani was told about Federer’s plans, he reacted positively by exclaiming, “Roger that.”

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  • Wittynutcase

    Well done da………
    Rofl at ‘beat sharma’:D….
    But i doubt there is enough land is switzerland to accomodate our politicians,their drivers,son in laws,…….etc etc……

    • Pritam

      Hehe…True…Perhaps, Fedex will have the try outs on indian soil itself…:D

  • Lokesh Bahety

    Freaking awesome dude, every bit of it. Sheer class \m/

    • Pritam

      Thanks man…;)

  • Jitendra Desai

    Hilarious.What an imagination!Compliments Pritam and keep “organising”.
    UT late edition states that Federer is discussing with Baba Ramdev and IAC team to officiate as referees in this tourn.
    BCCI has been “guarded” in its response due to presence of Pawars,Shuklas and Jaitleys.You never know!

    • Pritam


  • Theultimatechennaisuperkingsfan

    Im wittynutcase & i comment with 4 more alter egos JD ji…..
    Meanwhile,3 important rules to roger federer
    1. Prize money shud run into lakh crores or more or else no one will participate
    2.all the money shud be in black….or else again no one will pay attention…
    3.keep out ravi shastri..
    He will keep saying ‘smashed past the net’ and ‘falls just inside the ropes’ threw kitchen sink……

  • abhinav

    the joke on rohit sharma never falls short of the net.. :D
    very amusing article

    • Pritam

      Thanks mate…:)