Congress reveals that it has been projecting 3D image of Prime Minister Manmohan Singh for 8 years

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In a stunning announcement that is sure to put the Gujarat unit of the BJP to shame, the Congress has revealed that it has, in fact, been projecting the 3D image of Prime Minister Manmohan Singh on the nation since 2004.

“ROFLMAO! Hahahaha! Oh man, I just can’t stop laughing,” tweeted Congress General Secretary Digvijaya Singh, on hearing reports that the BJP would use 3D technology in Gujarat during the upcoming poll campaigns to project a 3D image of Narendra Modi on the stage.

“People would get the feeling as if Modi is addressing them in person,” one news report states, to which Singh retorted, “LOL! This is just like a guy showing off his Nokia 1100 to friends who possess iPhones! What do you think the Congress party has been doing for 8 years now? You guys actually thought that the Prime Ministerji himself was actually coming out and attending meetings, intervening feebly in parliamentary debates and giving out speeches on Independence Day? No, it was his life-like 3D hologram,” exclaimed Diggy. “It was simple. We had the 3D projection of Dr. Manmohan Singhji ready in 2004, right after the UPA won the elections. Ever since, this 3D projection has been running the government.”

Diggy however conceded that the hologram could have been imbued with a little more life. “Yeah, we have been working with the company behind it to equip the hologram with a wider range of expressions. People say even a JPEG image can be more lifelike than what we have. So yeah, watch out for version 2.0 shortly,” promised the veteran Congress leader

When Diggy was asked who the designer of the image was, he said “Eh? Abhishek Manu Singhvi’s driver of course! He’s an awesome 3D animation specialist.”

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