Apple announces surprise launch of iPhone 7; retracts release after 2 hours


In a surprising turn of events, Apple announced the launch of iPhone 7 on its US website this morning. The announcement, coming barely a month after the launch of iPhone 5, took many fans by surprise, particularly those who are still waiting to receive their iPhone 5 orders. The announcement however was taken down after a couple of hours when officials realized they still haven’t launched iPhone 6.

“It was a mistake and we’ll launch iPhone 5S, 6 and 6mini before 7,” an Apple executive commented. “Though we have the iPhone 7 ready to be shipped already, we believe it’s just too revolutionary for the world right now.” When asked about more details the executive whispered conspiratorially that it was ‘shinier’.

Reacting quickly to the development, Samsung launched an ad campaign stating that the galaxy note 2 will continue to be the ‘biggest’ thing to happen to mankind. When asked to comment, a Samsung executive responded, “Yes we are committed to keeping Samsung devices as the next big thing and we’ll make our devices even bigger in size if required. Also we can say with confidence that the Galaxy note 2 is better than the iPhone 7. We have already acquired the original blueprints of iPhone 7 and compared the specs.”

He also remembered an interesting incident in this context. “After Steve Jobs passed on, Tim Cook lost the original blueprint of the iPad mini and asked us if we had a copy. We gave him a photocopy but erased the mention of the retina display from it. We did it just for fun but the guy has no clue!” he guffawed.

Apple’s key supplier Foxconn also appears to be adding extra manpower at its assembly units to cater to the expected demand surge. Reports of school buses loaded with children going into the Foxconn facility have been coming through all week.

Another key player Google, however, appeared to be completely unfazed by these developments. “We have bigger things to worry about. At the moment we are running short on dessert names for the upcoming versions of android and it is threatening the entire ecosystem.” confessed a worried Google executive.

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