Video: Aaj ki Mahabharat starring Arjun Kejriwal in the great battle against corruption


Prologue: In a parallel universe, Bharatvarsha is ruled by Dr. Dhritrashtra Singh, who is blind to the mounting corruption and malfeasance in his realm. Dr. Singh, though well meaning, is wedded to economic gobbledygook and divorced from ground realities.

The Dowager Empress, Sonia Gandhari, on the other hand, is blind by choice- she simply doesn’t seem to care about good governance. Her primary objective is to ensure that her son, Rahul Duryodhana, ascends the throne whenever the good doctor calls it a day.

Rahul Duryodhana is being groomed by the crafty Diggy Shakuni Mama to ascend the throne after Dhritrastra Singh retires. Rahul’s loyalists also include the motor mouth, Manish Dushasan, and his brother-in-law, Jayadratha Vadra, who owns a lot of land in the Kuru kingdom near Indraprastha.

The forces of civil society, led by the valiant hero, Arjun Kejriwal, have been demanding good governance from the Dr. Singh regime for a long time.

Vasudeva Anna is Shri Arjun Kejriwal’s guru and guides him in his endeavors.

Bhishma Parva: Negotiations between Arjun Kejriwal and the Dr. Dhritrashtra Singh Government break down, inducing the valiant warrior to enter the political fray and declare all out war.

Key players chose sides in the impending battle against corruption. Arjun Kejriwal’s mentor Anna Vasudeva, though, prefers to remain politically neutral in the coming warand relegates himself to being Arjun’s guide cum guru.

Kejriwal and Rahul’s armies assemble in Kurukshetra for the decisive battle.

Blessed with divine vision, Arnab Sanjaya Goswami is at hand to narrate the war as it unfolds to Dr. Singh and the nation. Montek Vidura Singh also watches the battle from the sidelines, safely ensconced in the ivory towers of the Planning Commission.

The battle is about to begin.

What happens next? Watch the video to find out:

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    Hats off guys!!!!! Political satire has reached a new height!!!! A fitting mimic of the present situation

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    ROFL @ “Blessed with divine vision, Arnab Sanjaya Goswami is at hand to narrate the war…”

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    first time on this website and this first video has said it all…
    thanks for developing this website, i pray you guys never stop bringing up the issues…..

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    Of all the posts till date, this is the most imaginative Mamaji.Compliments and Keep it up.
    If Sonia Gandhari is around ,where are Kunti,Draupadi,Subhadra?
    Who could be Bhim,Abhimanu and Ghatotkatch in this alternate universe?

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    Adhunik Yug ke Maharashi Vyas, Mera pranam swikar kere.

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    bring satire to new levels… you break all your records….

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    Ohh come on… Please do not insult Mahabharat by portraying Kejriwal as Arjun..